How Can I Go Back to My Old Job?

By Deanna Bonaparte

If you are finally certain that you want to go back to your old job, it is likely that you have ascended from the dark place in your thoughts where you felt crestfallen and where your mind was firing ‘What if’ scenarios in all directions. There must have been a reason behind your resignation at your previous company.

Perhaps you misjudged the company or a certain situation, or perhaps you leapt at the prospect of a better salary and greater career advancement opportunities elsewhere. Whatever the case, the question “How do I go back to my old job?” is a relatively friendly occupant in your mind considering that you have already conquered an arguably more unsettling thought: “Should I go back?”

Recall What Made You Leave

There are a few things to consider before you send an email to your previous employer straightforwardly expressing your desire to go back. Firstly, recall what made you leave that company in the first place. If it was the offer of a better salary, did you come to a realisation that the work-life balance you enjoyed at the company to which you wish to go back is twofold more valuable? Or did you leave because you were constantly at odds with your previous manager? If it was the latter, does going back require you to be under his/her management again? Decide if your desire to go back warrants going back to a company where you have had found a reason to leave.

Different Position, Same Company

It is highly likely that your previous job position has already been filled by a qualified employee since your resignation. If the main reason you are going back to your previous company is the camaraderie shared among colleagues and warm organisational culture, decide if you will be agreeable to take up a similar – but not the same – position within your department.

You also have to face the possibility that the department in question does not have an available job position for the time being. However, if you yearn to go back to a company whose values greatly align with yours, it might not be a bad thing to join an unfamiliar department that you are qualified for – see it as a chance to break away from the company that has currently got you slipping through its fingers and a time to learn new things!

Starting Over

Presumably, the time spent in this company that you are deciding to go back to earned you considerable respect as well as more complex portfolios of which anyone would be proud to take charge. You have also gained more work experience and industry insights since you left the company. If you left the company on good terms, try to make sure that a new opportunity there would reflect your professional development - perhaps a 'senior' behind your designation would be good enough a reflection. Many people leave their companies at the prospect of a greener pasture elsewhere.

Sometimes it also takes a situation to realise how privileged we were at our previous company. However, it is extremely important to carefully evaluate your situation and think through possible ‘What if’ scenarios that might occur before you decide to make a boomerang move.

What are some tips you would give someone who is contemplating to go back to his/her old job? Share with us in the comment box below!

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