I Quit! Now give me a Ladle

By: Alythea Ho

Last week, I blogged about how I quit my job to go on a sabbatical.

To my surprise, it inched its way into the lifestyle section’s popular list. When a career post is up there with “’10 reasons to avoid dating a metrosexual guy”’, you know there’s something about work-life balance (or lack thereof) that resonates with Singapore workers.

Just the other day, a corporate lawyer friend swore she want to quit her job. It was 9 pm and she bemoaned how it was the earliest she’s left the office in half a year.

“You know what I really want to do? I want to bake cupcakes.”

Now, this is one classy lady I’m talking about. She walks, talks, and speaks with perfect poise. Her English would make the Queen swoon. Even her Louis Vuitton bags oozes style.

I had trouble picturing her in kitchens, sweating among tin foils and all the domestic paraphernalia that comes with baking.

But she’s not the first Singapore professional I know who prefers an oven to a 19-inch desktop monitor. Let’s face it: we’re in Singapore. We love food like the English adore football. In fact, I know people who happily ditched their cubicles to start their own F&B businesses.

People like…

- The travel sales lady who didn’t like the corporate world. At 27, she quit her job and enrolled in At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. Today, she runs her own French café The French Ladle.

- The corporate guy who spent four years posted overseas. At 36, he grew tired of his job and quit. With a wife and four kids in tow, he returned to Singapore to pursue his passion: baking cakes. Today, he runs a chiffon cake store Pure Pandan.

So why would a person drop everything to chase their dreams in a kitchen?

You know the playing field has changed

We’re living in a time where we can do away with the middleman. Need help starting a business? Hit Google for advice. Want to promote your products? There’s always Facebook, Twitter, and blogging. Hey, you can even sell cupcakes online.

You choose loved ones over your boss and coworkers

Be honest. How much time do you spend in the office surrounded by your colleagues and bosses? Are they people you’ve dreamed of spending your best years with? No? Chances are, you probably spend more time with them than with your kids at home.

You’re tired or afraid of just thinking about your dream

Fear is real. But when it comes to the point where the thought of Mondays makes you dive deeper under the covers, maybe it’s time to take a revisit of your passion!

You’ve more than six month’s reserves of finances

Worried whether you can support your business? A capacity of anywhere between six to twelve months of financial reserves should give you an idea on whether you can support your own business.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to check on how those beer bottles are doing.

Would you quit your job to start your own food business? Or have you already done so? Share your experiences with us in the comment box below!

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