JobsCentral Salary Calculator

The JobsCentral Salary Calculator allows you to compare your salary with that of your peers in Singapore. You can also use it to check how much a certain profession makes. Of course, it also allows you to snoop on your friends, colleagues and bosses.

Please bear in mind that this application is not meant as a weapon for harassing your boss for a higher pay. If you insist on doing so despite our cautions, we advise you, with your best interests at heart, to purchase a cardboard box before arranging for a showdown with your boss.
Statistical Mumbo Jumbo
Here's a quick explanation to the three numbers produced by the Salary Calculator.
  • Median - the middle value which equally divides the salary range for each profession.
  • First Quartile - the wage at which one quarter of the employees earn below that amount.
  • Third Quartile - the wage at which three quarters of the employees earn below that amount.
The JobsCentral Salary Calculator is based on data from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower's Occupational Wages Table(s), 2015 and released in 2016. For a copy of the report, please click here.