JobsCentral unveils ‘Quick Apply’ feature to simplify application process

You've spent hours combing through job descriptions, researching companies and perfecting your resume. You've found what seems like an interesting job at a great company, and you've submitted your application.

As you anxiously wait to see what happens next, you don't want to put all of your employment eggs in one basket. But the idea of starting the search all over again is, well, exhausting.

That's why we created "Quick Apply", a new, time-saving feature from JobsCentral, which uses smart technology so you can apply to multiple jobs at just the click of a button, increasing your chances of being discovered.

Here's how it works:

  • After applying to a job on, a post-apply page appears with a list of jobs like the one you've just applied for. These recommendations are based on your previous site activities, including searches, resumes and applications, as well as resumes of other job seekers with similar backgrounds.
  • You can scan through the list to determine if the jobs seem interesting and are a fit with your background and qualifications. (Note: We still recommend you do your research on each company and job posting before applying).
  • Select jobs that you want to apply on the list, choose "Quick Apply to all jobs" or "Quick Apply to the selected jobs" button at the top of the page and voilà, you've just applied to those jobs using your previous application information and the resume you have on file.

It's still important to customize your application materials and "elevator pitch" for each position as much as possible, so in your follow ups with hiring managers, be sure to share the reasons why you're a fit for the specific job in question.

With "Quick Apply" you get in front of those hiring managers more easily, so you have the chance to prove just how perfect you are for the position.

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