Love is in the air


After several months of working together on a project, I’ve developed romantic feelings for my colleague and as it turns out, she feels the same way. I’ve seen first-hand how adorable office romances can be, but I’m also aware of the consequences they bring around the workplace should things turn sour. Should I still pursue a relationship with my colleague and if so, what are some things that I should take note of?


Pursuing a relationship with a coworker is generally acceptable and not uncommon. But there are questions that you need to ask yourself first. Will the relationship stall my career advancement opportunities? What if the relationship ends badly and my ex decides to be hostile, or make things difficult for me around the workplace? What will my boss and colleagues think?

On the other hand, having a colleague as your significant other can be a daily source of motivation for you to come to work. The fact that your sweetheart is only a few cubicles away also makes tasks seem less daunting and stressful. After spending so much time with her, you’ll even get to know her whims and fancies, which minimises future misunderstandings on work-related matters.

Here's how you can juggle love at the workplace without compromising the work environment or your career.

Separate business and pleasure

There’s a reason behind the saying, “Don't get your honey where you get your money”. Bringing personal arguments over to the workplace can cause tension amongst your colleagues and might even pressure them into taking sides. Be sure to maintain a professional relationship with her at work, even if the two of you are going through a rocky patch.

Closing an eye when she submits work past the deadline or showing other forms of favouritism towards your partner can also stir ill feelings amongst your colleagues. To ensure that the work environment stays unbiased, treat her as you would any other colleague.

And if things don’t work out

It definitely won’t be easy seeing your ex every day at work, especially if the relationship ended on a bad note. Whether or not the break-up was on mutual terms, you should always maintain a level of professionalism when in the workplace. For instance, don’t put all her good ideas down just because she broke your heart – it makes you look highly unprofessional. The proper approach is to give your ex ample space, but let her know that you’ll always be there as a friend and colleague.

How else can you balance your work life and love life? Share with us in the comment box below!

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