Mid-Year Review Checklist: 5 Things To Do To Prepare For It

By Sharon Fah 

Performance reviews are a company’s way of assessing their employees’ work product. Some may think it is not the most effective way of doing business, while others recognise that it benefits employees by pinpointing how to bring out their respective best. Instead of merely surviving the appraisal, here are some tips on how you can actually use the process to your advantage:

Keep a work journal

A work journal can be just a to-do list stating what you have accomplished or an assessment of what you have done, challenges faced and what you have excelled in. In both instances, include examples and feedback from third parties to establish how well you have fared.

Drive the discussion

List topics that you would like to cover with your manager e.g. your career trajectory, team and projects. Include what makes you happy in your job, how you wish to grow and tools you need to do your best work as well as appropriate questions. Have questions like “what do you feel went well and what might have been done better”, “what upcoming challenges or changes do you see in our business” and “what can I do to improve my review rating”.

Self-evaluate and prepare feedback for your boss

If you are provided with a self-assessment form, fill it up honestly. If not, list your job responsibilities and conduct a review of yourself. Take note of your achievements and anticipate any feedback that you might receive. Depending on the format of your review, you may be asked to rate your superior’s performance. Set aside time to formulate any feedback that you may have.

Broaching the subject of a promotion / pay rise

To be promoted, think about how you have excelled or exceeded expectations. List all your accomplishments thus far and elaborate on how you have achieved your targets. Note how you have been committed to learning, leading and developing yourself.

For a pay rise, prepare a case for why you believe you deserve one. Ensure that you highlight the successful projects you have been involved in, including figures and timeframes. Focus on how you have a track record in producing results and stages of your work history where you have added value. Research salaries for your position so you have the data to back your request.  

Forge ahead

A mid-year review is about mapping the rest of the year as well. Ponder over what you want to achieve as you progress in your career and what you need to do to make it happen. Set goals that are realistic and attainable.

Mid-year reviews can prove to be quite an accurate assessment of an employee’s work performance for the first half of the year. It is significant in enabling you to plan for the next six months personally and professionally. Be prepared to use it to show your organisation just how much value you bring to the table.

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