New Chapter for Journalism

SPH creates content, and distributes it. In print, it has 11 newspapers in the four official languages and six lifestyle magazines. Its media reaches 2.68 million people, or 9 in 10 of those aged 15 and above.

SPH is writing a new chapter for journalism, by moving beyond print and into the Internet. It is inviting you to help write this, by applying early for the SPH scholarship for a career in journalism. Short listed candidates will be given a taste of journalism in an internship scheme, a unique feature of the SPH scholarship selection process.

Candidates should be under 22 years old with an outstanding academic profile, strong language skills and impressive co-curricular activities record. Based on your own merits, you may seek admission to a recognised university of your choice, whether local or foreign, and choose any course of study, subject to consideration.

SPH scholars are required to complete the full course of study for a first degree, including an Honours degree where applicable, within four years. If you wish to extend the scholarship deal to include a Master’s degree and are confident that you can complete the entire course, including the Master’s degree, within four years, the company may support.

The scholarship pays for all your tuition fees and compulsory expenses and you will receive a maintenance allowance. If you are pursuing your degree in a foreign university, the scholarship also covers clothing, settling-in and book allowances as well as return air tickets. You will be bonded to SPH for four years upon completion of your course in a local university or six years when you return from an overseas university.

Zakir graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Modern History and Politics. He is studying for a Masters of Science in Journalism at Columbia University, USA.

“I’m glad for the opportunity to study and follow the media in the UK – it has developed my interest in journalism and let me hear from, meet and question newsmakers and journalists in person outside the classroom. In my first year at Oxford, I’ve listened to journalists from Jon Snow to Yvonne Ridley debate and interviewed CNN international correspondent Nic Robertson for the student newspaper Cherwell on reporting from the frontline, in his words “doing what we all enjoy, finding and telling the truth”.

The presence of a rival student newspaper made chasing that campus scoop worthwhile, and travelling on a student budget during vacations didn’t just offer much to write about - it was a great way to see how the other side of the developed world, and the developing one, live. And notwithstanding the differences between the undergraduate essay and the newspaper article, looking back on my recent internship, small tutorial group sizes and heavy reading lists were great training for conducting interviews and writing pieces that required much research in a short time!”

Journalist at ZaoBao Local Political Newsdesk
Cheow Pong graduated from London School of Economics with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and completed Masters of Arts in International Development Economics at Yale University.

“Personally, I find the SPH scholarship unique as the selection process is to a very large extent, mutual, between the organisation and potential scholars. Applicants need to perform a period of internship with the company, and after having a taste of the life of a journalist, make a decision when they are finally offered the scholarship. Thus, SPH is very much in the business of matching aspirations.
I am impressed by the flexibility of the management in allowing scholars to make their own decisions in terms of their country of study and their university courses. As a scholar from the Chinese Newspaper Division, I had the opportunity to read Economics in London & USA. Such decisions represent the confidence SPH have in their scholars and at the same time, demonstrates their belief that scholars need to acquire a range of exposure.”

Life Overseas:
“Essentially, studying overseas may not be as ‘glamorous’ as others may perceived. For many, it would be the first time leaving home for such a long period of time. Naturally, there would be a mixture of fear and anticipation. From my own experience, life can be a struggle sometimes but by overcoming those difficulties, coping with solitude and becoming emotionally independent, I have become a much stronger person.
Studying overseas means that you make your own mistakes and you are wholly responsible for yourself. There will be classes, assignments, deadlines and exams to worry about but there are also parties, gatherings, weekend trips and long backpacking travels to look forward to. Make the best out of it and I’m sure everyone will have their own interesting stories to tell!”

Journalist at The Straits Times Money Desk, English/Malay Newspapers Division. Completed Engineering Degree at Cambridge University. Arthur has also completed his Masters in Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“The multifariousness in journalism requires a diversity of educational backgrounds. Even as I pursue a specialised field in Aeronautics, I can still apply my engineering skills of analysis and critical thinking to areas of my work in future. As long as you have a passion for writing and commitment to informing our readers, journalism can be very exciting and rewarding.”

Meow Nar has completed her Politics & Sociology Studies at Warwick University. She is pursuing a Masters of Arts in Transnational Communications and Global Media at Goldsmiths College, UK.

Meow Nar is a scholar attached to the Chinese Newspaper Division.

“Going abroad is indeed an eye-opener. Learn to cook, learn to mingle with people from across the globe, learn to take care of yourself; most importantly, you learn most about yourself and from yourself, be it from what you thought you could never have achieved or your silly little mistakes. The overseas experience stretched my potential further as I compete with people with very diverse background. For a journalist-to-be who is going to write for the people upon graduation, I think such experience and interaction will definitely better equip me with the confidence and discretion to do a good job.”

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