Panalpina Singapore: Supplying the Fuel to Drive the Nation Forward

One of the economic activities in which Singapore is largely invested in and dependent on for the health of our economy, is the import-export trade.  That is a widely-known fact. However, just how boisterous and vibrant is this trade? Apparently, a colossal total of S$967 billion in merchandise trade in 2017. Both export and import rose by over 10% from the previous year. It is undoubtedly an industry that shows no signs of slowing down with the burgeoning of consumerism and technology modernisation.

To manage the smooth and efficient expedition of such voluminous transactions is a mammoth task. That is where the Panalpina Group comes in. As one of the world's leaders in logistics and freight transportation for supply-chain solutions, the organisation capitalises on its key elements, air freight, ocean freight, and manufacturing, to deliver “globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions for twelve core industries.”

The Panalpina Group hones a global network of 500 offices in about 70 countries, standing on a staff strength of around 14,000 people worldwide. The comprehensive suite of services provided by the Group offers clients holistic support for their business needs.

On our home turf, last year Panlapina celebrated its 40th anniversary of setting up in Singapore. At the recent JobsCentral Career and Education Fair 2018 held at Suntec City Convention Centre on 25 and 26 August, Talent Management & Learning Manager, Sharon Raj Singh, had an in-depth chat with us.
Watch the full video here on what she has to say regarding the direction that Panalpina is headed locally, and why professionals who are keen on being part of the action and transformation of Singapore’s economy should join them in driving the nation forward.