Poll Results: How often do you socialize with your colleagues out of work?

As with any relationships, frequent engagements and communication often strengthen the bonds between individuals. Regular bonding sessions out of work, are usually the most effective platforms for co-workers to nurture closer work relationships and teamwork.

Even so, some may argue that the notion of socializing with co-workers should be kept within the time spent at work and that post-office hours should be reserved for private social circles. Undeniably, you and your colleagues do in fact spend just about 8 hours of every work day in the company of one another already.

Do most workers hang out with their colleagues after work and how often do they do so? Based on a poll conducted by JobsCentral from 23rd May to 12th June, 2012, more than three in five workers (64%) would engage in recreational activities with their co-workers after work.

The recent poll, which garnered a total of 163 respondents, found that 64 per cent would socialize with colleagues outside of work and that most would organise such activities at least once every month.

It was also found that, more than half (51%) of those that would engage in after-work activities with their colleagues have specified that they would have at least one night-out per month.

While the majority declared having only at least one night-out a month, the next largest group of voters cannot seem to spend enough time with their colleagues - even after work. Poll results saw at least one third (34%) of those who socialize with colleague after work, indicated that they would hang out more than three times a month.

On the other hand, another 12 per cent would organise at least two post-office outing a month while a meager 4 per cent, the smallest group in this poll, would have at least three.

While the poll saw that most respondents are receptive about having night-outs with co-workers, a fair number have asserted a differing view. 36 per cent of respondent, the second largest group in the entire poll, have concluded that they don’t spend time with their colleagues outside of work at all.

So do you hang-out with your colleagues after work? If you do, how often and where do you usually hang out? Share with us your interesting comments and stories on this topic at the JobsCentral forum here!