Poll Results: What are usually your reasons for calling in sick when you are not?

Ever had one of those days when your urge to avoid work drove your temperature up, gave you a bad throat and led to the worst run you have experienced? The last poll conducted by Jobscentral from 9th April to 23rd May 2012, sought to shed some light on the common ailments compelling workers to call in sick when they are not.

Out of the 497 responses garnered from the poll, a large majority admitted that they usually feigned illness on a work day on a whim. Nearly half (49%) of the respondents, who have participated in the poll, admitted to calling in “sick” because they “just don’t feel like going” to work.

The second largest group in the poll, which makes up only 24 per cent of the total votes, confessed that they usually have something else planned outside work on the days they call in “sick”. Another 15 per cent of the respondents indicated that, “Oversleeping” is often the cause of their imaginary sickness.

Less than one-tenth of the respondents (9%) agreed that they usually call in “sick” when they want to avoid something at work. The smallest group of respondents in this poll (2%), attributed bad weather to the cause of them pretending to have fallen ill.

What are usually your reasons for calling in sick when you are not?

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