Poll Results: What non-work related factors might affect an employer's decision of promoting someone?

To an employee, a job promotion is usually esteemed as a merit reserved only for the most deserving. It is an indication that one’s contribution to the company is valued and that he/she is ready to take on more responsibilities.

At times, however, most are slapped with the bitter truth that excellent work performance alone may not guarantee a move up the steps of the organizational ladder. In fact, factors affecting promotional opportunities may sometimes go beyond the context of work altogether.

What are the non-work related attributes, which would most affect an employer's decision of promoting someone? According to a short poll conducted by JobsCentral from 14 March to 9 April, 2012, most employees believe that besides on-the-job accomplishments, maintaining a good rapport with the boss would escalate their chances of getting that job promotion.

Nearly half (48%) of the 289 respondents who have participated in the poll chose “Rapport with bosses” as a key non-work related factor that would affect promotion opportunities.

The second largest group in the poll, which makes up only 26 percent of the total votes, believes that work performance aside, the educational level of an employee would also affect his/her chances of a promotion. 13 percent of the respondents feel that when deliberating whether to promote someone, employers would also consider the employee’s age or seniority in a company.

Slightly more than one-tenth of respondents (11%) in this poll agree that, employers would put more emphasis on the physical appearance of employees as a criteria for promotion. Only a meager 2 percent felt that marital status is an important non-work related attribute affecting promotion.

What do you think are some non-work related attributes that would affect an employer's decision of promoting someone? Have you seen colleagues been given or passed over for promotion opportunities because of reasons not related to work performance?

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