Poll Results: What is your greatest motivation in pursuing an MBA?

A Masters in Business Administration (or MBA) is an accredited post-graduate degree programme which imparts students with the knowledge and skills of business operations.

Admissions into most MBA programmes are often based on academic credentials, work experiences and performance in an admittance test. On top of the arduous admittance process, going through the programme itself requires a good amount of commitment and conviction. Despite this, MBA programmes continue to observe a growing popularity in Singapore.

What are the motivations behind enrolling for an MBA programme? According to a new short poll by JobsCentral, conducted between 18th July and 28th August 2012, most Singapore workers are driven to pursue an MBA with the intention of getting a salary increment upon completion.

The short poll, which received a total of 181 responses, found that the majority of respondents (33%) are motivated to pursue an MBA due to the prospect of attaining a higher pay cheque after completing the programme.

29 per cent would take up an MBA course for the purpose of expanding their knowledge and acquiring new skills while 21 per cent say they would go for an MBA to boost their employability.

On the other hand, the opportunity to broaden their social network is the key motivation for 10 per cent of the respondents to take up an MBA. The smallest group of respondents (7%) say that they are enticed by the prestige that comes with the acquisition of an MBA.

Have you acquired your MBA or are in the midst of doing so? If you are, what are your greatest motivations for pursuing an MBA? We would like to hear your views on this topic at the JobsCentral forum here!