Poll Results: Which of these Employer actions infringes your privacy most?

With the aid of technological tools, it is now possible for employers to track their employees’ online activity during work hours.

While employers have the right to monitor their workers’ work performances and how company resources are being used, there’s a thin line between tracking and intruding upon an employee’s right to privacy.

According to a poll conducted by JobsCentral, from 8 January to 3 April 2013, most workers are put off by the idea of employers tracking their social media profiles.

Amongst the 305 respondents who took the poll, more than two -fifths (44 per cent) are offended when employers monitor their online activities on social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter and forums.

Checking chat history of instant messaging (22 per cent), and listening in to conversations made over the office phones (21 per cent) come in next as practices which workers feel have gone beyond managerial rights.

Only 13 per cent disagree with employers checking in on their work email.

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