Preparing You For Life

With an education from the University of Melbourne, you can work anywhere in the world. One alumni tells us why the University is well-respected throughout the world and how it has opened doors for her to pursue her dreams.

By Farhan Shah

“Reputation, prestige, and location,” Jenny Theresia says, rattling off the list of qualities that she looks out for in a university.

Her search for the perfect university ended when she came across the University of Melbourne. Consistently ranked as the top university in Australia, the University of Melbourne surpassed all of Jenny’s criteria.

“The University came in 36th place in the Times Higher Education 2010 rankings and is acknowledged worldwide for its Melbourne Model, a landmark way of learning. Location wise, I personally feel Melbourne is one of the few cities (in Australia) which offer the balance between the rather quiet suburban lifestyle and a lively metropolitan area,” the 28-year-old shares.

Instead of majoring in just one subject like most people, Jenny decided that it would be better if she combined her three loves together – Mathematics, Languages and Classical Music.

“I am probably the most indecisive person in the world,” Jenny quips.

With that in mind, she studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Mathematics and Linguistics as well as Diploma in Music.

Fond memories

Despite having graduated in 2005, Jenny is still quite fond of the University of Melbourne and the memories that she has collected throughout her undergraduate life.
“There is no such thing as a typical schooling day in the University. Fortunately, life around the campus doesn’t revolve around lectures, tutorials, and other assignments,” she says, laughing heartily.

She recalls strolling to the famous Lygon Street with her friends for coffee and a quick bite before returning to the books.

“On a good day, we would hang out at the iconic South Lawn, enjoying the sun while doing some reading,” Jenny reminisces.

Ironically, her favourite lecturer now is the one that she liked the least during her university days.

“I had a Mathematics professor who emphasised greatly the importance of self-study. Instead of clarifying particular mathematical theorems by explanation and examples, he would ask us to put our justification down in our assignment paper,” Jenny recalls.

“The class was relatively more challenging but I soon realised that not only did I learn more, I got to know more peers too through informal and impromptu discussions.”

Working hard, playing hard
However, it’s not all work and no play for Jenny. There are a diverse range of activities happening on campus that she can indulge in with events happening almost every night.

From theatre shows to exhibitions to even music or comedy gigs, students can unwind after a long day of studying with good entertainment among great company.

The University’s close proximity to the Central Business District also means that students can attend a sporting event or catch the latest blockbuster at the cinema.

Everything a student needs is always accessible and within reach.

Jenny has had the opportunity to attend international cultural festivals and world class musical performances, all happening right at her doorstep.

Preparing you for the world

To prepare its students for the working world, the University arranges exchange programmes, internship opportunities, and career-building-skills workshops.

However, the support doesn’t just stop once a student graduates. The University has rolled out a host of benefits for its alumni, providing constant learning and networking opportunities. With its notable list of luminaries who were once students in the University, current undergraduates can tap on a rich network to make inroads into the industry of their choice.

Jenny credits the University for moulding her into the person that she is today – a confident and outgoing lady with a vision for the future.

She has also gained outstanding analytical and writing skills that are serving her well in her current role right now.

“My previous and current job often requires me to analyse how companies and businesses operate before performing further analyses that meet the clients’ requirements. In doing so, I am often provided with a pile of information or data, which may not necessarily be directly relevant to what is needed. In such cases, it is important that one has a strong analytical skill to construe the essence of the information,” Jenny says.

The best in Australia

Jenny highly recommends anyone who is interested in studying in Australia to consider the University of Melbourne.

“Keep an open mind and try to expose yourself as much as possible to various subjects, including those beyond your major. Developing a positive attitude and possessing the willingness to learn will also take you far in life, not to mention your studies,” Jenny says wisely.

“The University of Melbourne shapes and prepares you, not just for work, but also for life,” she concludes with a flourish.

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