Q & A: Over-drinking at company events

Question: I drank too much at my company’s D&D. Let’s just say I’m not sure what I did that night. Now when I’m at work, I noticed my colleagues laughing about something, but when I approach them they stop immediately. I’m paranoid that I did something really bad. What can I do to restore my reputation at work?

Answer: There are three possible reasons why your coworkers were laughing. One, they were laughing with you. In that case, you can relax a bit. At least they found what you did funny, and they are supportive of you. Two, they were laughing at you. Now this is where your professional reputation might have taken a tumble. Or three, they’re not talking about you at all.

Your best option is to find a trusted colleague. Talk to him or her privately, and be clear about what you want to know. Ask them what you did. Remember, you need to communicate across that this is a serious concern for you. You don’t want them to lie to you to pacify your ego, or to create a story to make fun of you.

If you find out you offended someone, don’t be afraid to apologise. If not, stop worrying. Just stay away from the booze section the next time round.

What other advice do you have for those who had one too many at an office event? Share with us in the comment box below!

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