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Interested in increasingly relevant IT-related industries like gaming and animation as well as cybersecurity? Informatics offers programmes to equip you with the right skills.

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Informatics, the leading service provider in training and education, continues to provide more state-of-the-art curriculum in IT education and training. One of its recent launches includes Gaming and Animation and Networks and Cybersecurity programmes to meet the demand for more well-trained professionals for the media production industry, and to meet the Cybersecurity needs required in most IT firms and multinational organisations.

Informatics Surfs the Waves in Gaming & Animation
- International Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Gaming and Animation Technology

The diploma in Gaming and Animation Technology (GAT) was strategically designed by Informatics to provide a strong competitive edge to capture the rapidly growing interest in games development and 3D animations.

Informatics focuses on the high-end development of 3D animations. Students will be trained to acquire skills in 3D movie creation, animations for commercials and creating 3D models, to support other 3D animation productions.

The course will allow hands-on experience for the students to apply their skills and techniques. The curriculum will also train students to capture and edit their own sound production and their own video.

The GAT diploma will also include a module to train students on developing interactive websites. This will provide students with opportunities to develop their own websites and display their developed games online. The programme will lead students to an honours degree in Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Software Engineering by Northumbria University, a prestigious institute in the United Kingdom, or a Bachelor of Business Information Technology in Games Software, by University of Southern Queensland from Australia.

Gaming is not all fun and play alone. Gaming theory and applications are used in various industries such as education, management and military. To develop games for the education industry, instructional design is the core issue for planning and designing good education game software. Examples of management directed software are those that let one play games and manage real estates, a business or even stocks. For the military, games integrate very well with their training requirements, with development of simulators for the military commanders or air force pilots.

Career Prospects
The course is designed for learners who wish to be Game Programmers, Creative Designers, Digital Media Animators, Special Effects Designers, Systems Analyst or Software Engineers.

Networks and Cybersecurity gets into demand too!
- International Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Networks and Cybersecurity

With rising threats of cyber-terrorism, cyber-hacking and the concerns of network security, there is increasing demand for well-qualified network and Internet security professionals in the marketplace. Informatics is the fi rst to launch the International Diploma and International Advanced Diploma in Networks and Cybersecurity that will lead to a Bachelor of Information Technology degree from the University of Southern Queensland (Australia).

The course will provide in-depth coverage of network and cybersecurity, with hands-on laboratory sessions to maximise the learning experience. The main focus of the programme will be on applications and practical “knowhow”. The Networks and Cybersecurity programme offered by Informatics is launched in collaboration with the EC-Council. Students can obtain three additional professional certifications from the EC-Council to be a Certified Security Professional at the end of their second year. The certifications awarded by EC-Council consist of the Certifi cate of Network Security Foundations with completion of the first-year programme, Certificate of Ethical Hacking Foundations and Certificate of Computer Forensic Foundations with completion of the second year programme. EC-Council, based in the US, is the world’s leading provider of certification in cybersecurity in 60 countries, with high profile customers from government agencies and multinational corporations.

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