Stay On Top Of The Game With SAFRA At EASB

SAFRA members get to enjoy not only recreational benefits, but also exclusive opportunities for further education at EASB, as we find out.

By Benjamin Lim

The East Asia Institute of Management (EASB) has been Singapore’s leading private institution in the past ten years, offering a slew of courses from the Diploma level through the Bachelor’s degree to even all the way to a Doctorate. Students can select from courses ranging from business management to hospitality and tourism.

This extensive selection of courses attracts students from all over the world and has allowed the school to establish important partnerships with more than 30 overseas universities in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

EASB prides itself in holding the reins of its Holistic Education Approach (HEA), which prepares its students to be ready and confident for a successful career.

By maintaining an industry-relevant curriculum, regular reviews of subject content, and tweaking their programmes based on feedback from existing practitioners in the industries, EASB graduates can be assured that they stay ahead of the knowledge demand.

As its name suggests, HEA focuses on more than just the academic rigour required of EASB students. It places an equally-important emphasis on students’ enrichment and career development.

Incorporating lessons which impart soft skills such as time management and personal grooming transform students into well-groomed and articulate individuals who are able to conduct themselves professionally during interviews and subsequently at work.
Going beyond recreation at SAFRA

EASB’s pursuit of quality service has seen the school receive numerous accolades over the past few years. For example, the institute garnered the 4-year Edutrust Certification in 2010. Awarded by the Council of Private Education, the award is given to academic institutes that demonstrate excellent education standards.

Most recently, EASB has collaborated with the SAFRA National Service Association to offer 300 scholarships placements to ‘A’ level graduates. The deal was freshly inked in April and is exclusively open to SAFRA principal card holders.

Mr Elwyn Tan, Director of Continuing Education & Training, explains more about this new initiative.

“By tying up with a prominent, mass-based organisation like SAFRA which comprises National Servicemen and their families, we are able to achieve our goals to make a positive contribution to Singapore’s society,” says Elwyn.

By offering SAFRA members 300 sponsorships as well as giving them preferential rates for EASB's courses, the EASB-SAFRA partnership aims to recognise their contributions to the nation's defence by giving them the opportunity to upgrade themselves.

SAFRA members with good 'A' level results can apply for the EASB scholarship. Shortlisted applicants will go through two rounds of selections by SAFRA and EASB’s Academic Selection Panel.

The scholarship sponsors a 3-year Bachelor's degree course, with the Diploma (Year 1) and Advanced Diploma programmes (Year 2) fully covered and the cost of the third-year Degree programme subsidised by half.

On top of the scholarships, SAFRA members can also check out the partnership programme, which offers discounts for EASB's courses – 20 percent off Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses, and 10 percent off final-year degree and post-graduate programmes. This generous discount is a display of EASB's commitment to helping SAFRA members develop themselves.

“Students can look forward to a challenging experience at EASB,” says Elwyn.
“We encourage them to think out of the box and formulate different approaches and solutions to real-world problems which enterprises face. They are also continually assessed so as to enhance their analytical and critical-thinking skills.”

A quality education

Using the UK's Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Credit Accumulation Transfer Scheme (CATS), EASB students can apply for exemptions from course modules, or for entry into other universities with articulation agreements.

“This facilitates advanced standings for our students' progression into universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand,” affirms Elwyn.

Currently EASB is the only private institution in Singapore to adopt the stringent CATS structure, so SAFRA members can enjoy a plethora of benefits besides just cheaper school fees.

In line with EASB's focus on industry-related education, Hospitality and Tourism students will be sent for a 6-month internship programme. Students will undergo practical training which equips them with cutting edge skills relevant to the workplace, including hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.

“This helps prepare them for real-world situations when they embark on their careers after graduation.” Elwyn points out.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Over the past few years there had been cases of private institutions cheating students of their school fees, with some even closing down.

This bad press may deter some students from enrolling in private schools, but Elwyn is emphatically confident in EASB.

“The EduTrust Certification, which EASB has been awarded for upholding quality standards in our delivery of programmes, is based on a list of stringent assessments, including corporate governance and management commitment. This is a testament of our commitment to deliver an education of the highest standard,” Elwyn says with pride.

EASB has also adopted the escrow bank account and medical insurance facility to provide full protection of all course fees paid by its students, in accordance with the guidelines of the EduTrust Certification scheme.

Students and their families can thus be assured of EASB's academic quality and overall management, and that every student will be in the safe hands of the school's staff.
So, if you are a SAFRA member looking to further your education, why not choose EASB as the academic platform?

“The cross-cultural campus experience laden with vibrant student life will definitely appeal to you,” concludes Elwyn.

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