Top 5 Economy Resistant Professions

Apart from Doctors, Lawyers and Bankers, ever wondered which other professions are economy resistant? Here is a short list of professions which would always weather an economic storm.



Doctors are not the only ones running the show, more often than not, nurses form the bedrock of any healthcare institution. Providing round the clock medical care, these Florence Nightingales are highly sought after in Singapore and the rest of the world due to a dwindling interest in the profession. Further increasing the demand for Nurses, it is forecasted that by 2020, Singapore would welcome at least four new hospitals to provide better medical care for our ageing population.

Average monthly income*: SG$2,700 – SG$4,300



What visitors like about your website? What are your competitors doing that helps drive more EOI? These are just some of the questions which researchers can help your company answer. Through qualitative or quantitative surveys, Researchers are able to “read” the market and its environment. Companies then leverage on this information to craft marketing strategies, rebrand a product or enter a new business.

Average monthly income*: SG$3,100 – SG$4,500



Regardless of the economy, accountants would always be highly sought after to perform the basic financial bookkeeping and auditing analysis for any company. Companies also seek the professional advice from accountants during an economy downturn to ensure their finances are in check and come up with a strategy on how they can operate with less overhead expenses.

Average monthly income*: SG$3,200 – SG$5,400



As the saying goes, “the children are our future”. Through educating young minds, teachers help mould and groom the next generation of thinkers who may one day run for office or find the cure for cancer. While Teaching might test the limits of your patience, it is perhaps one of the most rewarding careers - knowing that your actions have a direct impact on an individual’s life.

Average monthly income*: SG$2,750 – SG$3,800 (Special Education Teacher)



Building on the government’s vision of having a Smart nation, there is a strong push to migrate all physical information to the online sphere. Developers make sense of an entirely different language to build interactive online media which facilitates all types of businesses and in short, digital life as we know it. With technology advancing so quickly, this is definitely a great career choice as it might be one of the few careers that artificial intelligence might not be able to take over - so soon at least.

Average monthly income*: SG$4,000 – SG$6,900


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* This average monthly income is based on JobsCentral’s Salary Calculator. It was built based on data derived from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower's Occupational Wages Table(s), 2015 and released in 2016.

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