Tourism and Hospitality Sectors – Still a Growing Industry in Singapore

At Tourism Industry Conference 2016, Minister for Trade and Industry Mr S Iswaran mentioned that the government is allocating S$700 million to the Tourism Development Fund from 2016 to 2020. In line with this, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) projects that visitor arrivals will expand to about 15 million with tourism receipts to clock about S$22billion. At Changi Airport, there are signs of a pickup in air travel with passenger throughout jumping nearly 11 per cent year-on-year in January and February.  STB data also signalled a steady hospitality industry with revenue per available room edging up to S$210 and average occupancy inching up to about 85 per cent. Despite a global economy slow down, Singapore’s travel, tourism and hospitality sectors are still promising with jobs available in below areas:

Reservation Agent - Reservation agents work in hotels and resorts to help with booking the stay of clients. They are usually friendly and efficient in helping to provide the right accommodation and recommending packages that suit their clients’ needs. Other than good customer service and communication skills, reservation agents should be patient especially when dealing with irate customers.

Tour Guide - Tour Guides are like storytellers, entertainers and teachers for the tourists whom they provide travel information to. They should be coherent and engaging, relay accurate information and have a genuine interest in helping tourists learn about the foreign sights and sounds so that the tourists can have a more enjoyable travel experience.

Flight Attendant – Other than serving meals and refreshments, a flight attendant’s role is to ensure that passengers are comfortable and safe. This includes conveying critical information and ensuring that passengers follow safety regulations. Flight attendants need to be attentive and possess excellent interpersonal skills because they constantly have to deal with situations that involve people from different walks of life.

Concierge – A concierge assists guests by making reservations, providing information on for example, places to visit as well as coordinating travel arrangements and tours. Usually a people-person, a concierge should be adept at making guests feel welcome. Concierges should be knowledgeable about their locale, be comfortable in dealing with people from different cultures, always maintain their composure and be proactive in tending to their guests’ needs.

Hotel Manager – Hotel managers handle administration and other hotel tasks. They take charge of scheduling and the inventory to ensure that guests are happy during their stay and handle issues that arise between employees. Good hotel managers can smile through and manage the worst calamity, communicate well with a wide variety of people and are empathetic towards guests and employees.

Service Crew – Food service crew tend to customers while assisting in the kitchen processes. Jobs within this field include waiters and waitresses. The role requires that the staff are attentive and provides excellent service to patrons under all circumstances. Service crews need to be accurate in taking food orders and be poised and efficient when handling multiple orders from multiple tables simultaneously.

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