Valuable Lessons from Netflix’s Marvel Superheroes

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Very few would dispute that the Marvel series has been one of the best additions to Netflix in recent years.

Unlike the epic and over-the-top sequences present in most Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Netflix’s Marvel series is grounded in a sense of realism and grit. Tackling issues ranging from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to morality, the unique characters in the Marvel TV shows serve as a reflection of modern society. At the same time, they impart valuable life lessons that we can all relate to.

Here’s what the Marvel superheroes on TV have taught us:

A Hero Lies in You

Mariah Carey said to ‘look inside you and be strong’, and Matt Murdock inspires us to do the same.

In Daredevil, Matt Murdock is a lawyer by day and badass vigilante Daredevil by night. Sounds like a typical superhero routine, except that Murdock is blind and relies on his remaining heightened senses to manoeuvre around. This is actually pretty scary if you think about it – he isn’t able to “see” things coming his way, and one lapse in judgement could cost him his life. Plus, Murdock doesn’t have a silver hammer or indestructible shield to defend himself with.

Despite the disability and fear he deals with every day, Murdock chooses to overcome them and channel his “gifts” into saving people. As a man with principles, he believes that everyone can make a difference if they tap into their humanity.

The other characters in the show also display immense courage even without superpowers. For instance, Murdock’s secretary Karen Page had risked her life several times attempting to expose antagonist Wilson Fisk of his wrongdoings. Nurse Claire Temple – despite knowing that bad guys could come after her – put her life on the line by helping Murdock.

Flaws Make Us (Super)Human

In Jessica Jones, the titular character is far from being pristine and sophisticated. Apart from her sailor mouth, private investigator Jessica Jones grapples with alcoholism, PTSD, and paralysing guilt, all of which stem from her dark past. She makes many mistakes, like keeping secrets from Luke Cage and taking her loved ones for granted. Even with her superhuman strength, Jones remains human in her mistakes and way of life.

Of course, Jones strives to right her wrongs in the best way she can. She reminds us that our flaws make us who we are and push us to become who we are destined to be. Likewise, we should also remember that everyone has idiosyncrasies and imperfections which we can learn to accept.

Moving Forward

It’s easy to dwell on the past and brood over all the things we should have done. This often prevents us from moving forward in various areas of life, be it our career or relationships. In Luke Cage, the impenetrable and powerful Luke Cage is driven by the philosophy ‘Forward, always’. Expressed several times by his mentor Pops, the mantra conveys the need to always make strides.

There are moments in the show when Luke Cage questions his purpose and ability to help the Harlem community. He eventually overcomes his doubts and decides to use his powers to make Harlem a better and safer place. By moving forward and taking action, he was no longer tied to his troubling past and essentially helped others to progress in their community.

What lessons have you learnt from your favourite superheroes? Share with us in the comment box below! Also, check out what we have to say about DC superheroes Batman and Superman here!

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