What You Need To Know Before Attending a Career Fair

With the JobsCentral Career and Education Fair 2015 coming up, throngs of jobseekers will be navigating their way through the expansive halls of Marina Bay Sand.

More than 70 exhibitors will be present at the fair, so proper conduct is important if you want to raise your chances of securing a job offer. Here are five basic protocols to follow to show employers that you are a serious job applicant:

1) Dress to Impress

Even though you’ll be spending most of the time walking about and standing in line for long periods of time at a fair, you still have to dress appropriately. Letting potential employers see you in T-shirt and shorts would not be a good idea. A career fair is akin to a series of job interviews with different employers, so smart casual or semi-professional attire would be a more appropriate option. Also remember to adhere to basic grooming standards. Guys should also sport a neat, clean-shaven appearance, while ladies should err towards the conservative side for their makeup.

2) Bring the Essentials It always pays to be prepared. Bring hard copies of your resume (preferable in all versions tailored to different career options) so that you can easily drop them off with employers that you’re interested in. On-site interviews are common at a career fair, so bring along your portfolio to impress recruiters with your work. It would also be handy to bring a pen and a small notebook for taking down notes.

3) Be Polite and Patient

Queues at career booths can be long, especially for the most popular or sought-after employers. No matter how tempted you are to cut in line, complain aloud, or shuffle your feet in dissatisfaction, take note that employers are always observing the crowd. Behaving badly will only make you appear unprofessional and uncouth, and it could even earn you a bad rep amongst the other jobseekers waiting in line.

To stay preoccupied, browse through the career fair’s Event Guide or read a good book. Who knows, a recruiter might notice that thought-provoking book on How to Win Friends and Influence People in your hand and start a conversation with you. First impressions count, so be extra courteous everyone at the fair. You never know, that person you bumped into might turn out to be a hiring manager for one of the companies you are eyeing. So be sure to behave properly at all times.

4) Understand What Employers Want

Employers usually have to meet with hordes of candidates. Just like you, these employers are having a long day too, so stick to time limits when you are in an interview and do your research before approaching a company. You can also practice your answers to common interview questions beforehand, which will boost your confidence during an actual interview at the fair.

5) Follow-Up and Send Thank You Notes

If you promised something to an employer during an interview, such as providing references or an online portfolio, be sure to do so in a timely fashion. Following up shows that you are serious about the job opportunity and may help you stand out from the dozens of other job applicants.

For an added touch, you can include a personalised Thank You note in your follow-ups to let the interviewer know that you appreciate their time in meeting with you. This will allow you to leave a good impression and remind them why you are the best candidate for the job.

The JobsCentral Career & Education Fair 2015 is a must-go event for jobseekers, professionals, and those who want to upgrade themselves through higher education or workshops. Pre-register with us now and stand to win attractive prizes!

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