When Interns Become Full-Time Employees

By Deanna Bonaparte

Participating in an internship programme is the best way to ascertain if a job is truly your cup of tea, or if the hosting organisation nurtures a work environment in which you can see yourself in the long run.

After all, you never really know what a job comprises and how well an organisation looks after its staff unless you have had first-hand experience on the ground. Internships allow you to observe an organisation’s vast operations as well as determine if a company’s values align with your own. They are as close to a job experience as it gets!

A Full-Time Position Possibility

You probably are already aware of the above mentioned, hence your participation or agreeability to participate in one. Some interns get the opportunity of being asked to convert their temporary position to a permanent one – a favourable outcome if interns did indeed have a pleasant experience with the company and do see themselves pursuing a career there.

Although you should not be expecting anything – given that there might be a reason companies chose to hire temporary staff instead of permanent ones – you should at least ensure that you are always in the best form to be offered the opportunity. Here are some things interns should note should they see a full-time position in the company a favourable possibility.

Show Initiative

Your initiative to take on new tasks, ability to complete them and your willingness to learn is tantamount to the vast amount of potential you possess. It is also important to remember that enthusiasm is a key trait employers look for. Since enthusiasm sparks the growth of your willingness to learn and delve in new things, you will be likely to perform your tasks well and put yourself in your supervisor’s good books.

Only when you are able to complete the smallest, repetitive and most mundane tasks with a good attitude will your supervisor recognise your ability to take on new and larger roles. They might even be confident in your ability to perform the roles of a permanent staff and offer you a full-time position.

Develop Relationships

Interns must remember to start building a relationship with their supervisor right from the get-go. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the job and company even if it makes you look unknowledgeable. Of course, it is wise to search for your own answers on the corporate website and ask questions to elicit answers that are not readily available or easily found.

Asking questions leads to meaningful conversations and allows you to be more engaged with your supervisor. In addition, build rapport with your co-workers and let known your easy-going personality and ability to work well in a team. These professional connections and relationships you form will give you a head-start in developing a valuable professional network.

Offer your Insights

Since you have a fresh pair of eyes to the business of the company, it might be easier to identify areas that can be improved, considering that existing employees might be caught up in refining product details and oftentimes forget to step out to see the bigger picture. For instance, a B2C company might want to know how a product can be enhanced to keep up with fast changing times and improve usability.

As a young person, offer your insight on consumer behaviour among young people and create solutions from a fresh perspective. An internship can be a fulfilling experience if only you gain control of your attitude and work. Even if you do not get the opportunity of filling a full-time job position, leave the company on a good note and keep in touch with your supervisors and colleagues. The relationships you have formed and maintained will allow you to expand your network and be kept updated on future job openings that are relevant to you.

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