Why Singapore Working Parents Should Have Easy Access to a Children’s Crèche

By Durga Elamaran

Given the rising cost of living and hectic lifestyle in Singapore, married couples are often dual-income families just to support their family and save up for the future. And when it comes to having children, working parents often hire a maid, turn to relatives or utilise childcare services.

These options are effective, but they each have their own shortcomings. So why not consider a children’s crèche instead? Similar to a childcare centre, a children’s crèche is an on-site facility at a sufficiently large workplace which provides your child with a play area and other necessities while you’re at work, with the added benefit of having your child close. Here are some advantages of a children’s crèche:

Ensuring Closeness
Putting your child in a children’s crèche means having your child close at hand. This is far better than leaving your little angel with a stranger at home (or with relatives you detest). It’s very convenient to visit your child whenever your working schedule permits. If your little one gets unwell, you will be able to attend to him/her almost immediately.

Reduced Travelling Time
With a children’s crèche, frantically rushing to drop your child off at daycare before hastening to work is a thing of the past, and this is made worse if you don’t drive. Leaving your child at a children’s crèche also means that you’ll be able to head straight home with Junior in tow after an exhausting day at work!

Quality Service
Children’s crèches usually come with a high quality child care service, given that they cater to working professionals, and can provide children with a comfortable and stimulating environment as they socialise and play with with kids of their age

Cheering for a Children’s Crèche
Although children’s crèches may thus seem like a good idea, they have their (admittedly minimal) drawbacks. One such disadvantage is that children’s crèches have a fixed schedule, and it might not be convenient for parents who work the night shift or start work early in the morning. Additionally, having a children’s crèche is usually only economically feasible in an area with many working parents (for instance, an office building).

Nevertheless, organisations would do well to consider adopting this family-friendly strategy of having an on-site children’s crèche to help promote the idea of work-life balance (and jive with the government’s policy of encouraging married couples to have kids!).

Government subsidies to organisations and/or business parks would also go a long way in encouraging the adoption of children’s crèches. Implementing affordable fees for a children’s crèche might also help in changing the mindset of working parents, as would stretching the children’s creche’s operating hours to accommodate a greater mix of working schedules.

All in all, the benefits of having a children’s crèche certainly outweigh the drawbacks. At the end of the day, children’s crèches in Singapore might just be the big answer to promoting work-life harmony!

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