Why You Should Consider Freelancing

Many people are happy working full-time in a traditional office set-up. They enjoy and are too used to working in teams to either bounce ideas off each other or even just share a joke. There are however those who dream of being their own boss and working flexible hours. If you fall under the latter category, freelancing might be something worth considering. Read on to find out more:

You are in demand

If you are a designer or translator, you have skills that few possess. Firms would find it hard to find employees with your skills and as a result, demand will exceed supply. Due to the tight labour market and increasing costs that firms face, more companies are looking at hiring freelancers that can work remotely. If you have the knowledge and talent that is sought after by others in the industry and excel at what you do, you should not be too concerned that you will not have a steady flow of work available for you.

You are your own boss

The initial of starting a business can be tough with considerations of longer hours, having to solicit for new clients and building a reputation of your own. However, once these elements are stabilised, you can then normalise or even reduce the hours worked and choose more high-paying projects. Freelancers are highly autonomous - you are generally not answerable to anyone (except to your own clients).

You enjoy variety & do what you love

As a freelancer, you get to choose the jobs you wish to tackle. You can take on roles or jobs that interest you rather than better-paid tedious tasks. These roles include writing, training, public speaking, photography, video editing and game creation.

You get better work-life balance & more income

As a freelancer, you choose the clients you wish to work for and projects to work on and because of the flexibility, you can spend more time with loved ones or have more ‘me’ time. Freelancers set their own rates and some earn up to four times the daily rate of full-time employees. They retain a higher percentage of the payments because travel and equipment can be offset against revenue.

There are many who dream of freelancing but few actually take the plunge. It is not for everybody but you will find that especially for those who possess the proper training and network, freelancing can be a more rewarding kind of working lifestyle filled with opportunities, freedom, variety and flexibility.

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