Why Your Company Should Host a Blood-Donation Drive

By Deanna Bonaparte

Healthcare services have been challenged to combat the shortage of blood donations for many years. To raise awareness of blood donation, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has adopted methods such as driving blood donation trucks around the city, hosting pop-up donation stations at office buildings and sharing emergency notices via social media. In fact, it has even come up with a novel way to continue its blood donation campaign through a mobile app.

As the world’s first crowdsourcing app for blood donations, Red Cross Connection crowdsources help from its users to donate blood in times of need. Once the app is installed, users create their profile and indicate their blood type – and the app will alert users of emergency low stock levels and indicate the specific blood type needed. In addition, the app comes with a map function for users to locate the nearest Red Cross centre where users can go to make a donation.

As A Company

But making or promoting a blood donation should not only be a solo effort. Companies as a whole can also make the effort to support initiatives driven to promote blood donation, and one way is by encouraging their own employees to be regular blood donors. In fact, companies can take a huge step forward to champion the mission of the SRC by looking towards hosting a bloodmobile. An SRC representative will be with your company every step of the way to help make your initiative a success – all you, as the blood drive host, have to do is offer a suitable location, help recruit donors within your company, publicise the drive and schedule donors for their appointments.

The SRC also offers a variety of materials that include posters and brochures for publicising your bloodmobile. Companies can also have the event information printed on their corporate newsletters, or make arrangements to have an article published online or in the newspapers. In seeing that the company is big on giving to the community, employees will also feel a sense of company pride in addition to keeping engaged. This initiative might just be a contributing factor to employees’ long-term commitment to the company.

What’s In It For You?

Hosting a bloodmobile is also a chance for project managers to learn about civic responsibility and hone their project management skills as a result of organising and coordinating a company- or community-wide event. In hosting a blood drive, your company will also gain public goodwill, strengthen its corporate image and be associated with having care for the community.

Furthermore, the key to hosting a successful bloodmobile is to get personal with your donors, thereby presenting a chance for your employees to create bonds with donors who come from companies in varied industries. You never know – the bonds created might yield a greater chance for inter-company collaborations in the future. And of course, as a sponsor of the blood drive, your company contributes to maintaining a safe and stable blood supply. Not only is it an opportunity for the company to experience a rewarding event that provides opportunities to showcase leadership and a platform that brings employees together, it is an opportunity to promote a life-saving cause above all else.

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