Will you ditch your career to follow your heart?

Thousands of fresh graduates compete for the best jobs every year, often in reputed government agencies or Fortune 500 companies. 24-year-old Celestine Chua has been there and done that, but her story comes with an inspiring twist.

In October last year, she resigned from Procter & Gamble, leaving behind a well-paying job that saw her managing multi-million-dollar brands for two years.

People around her were taken aback by her decision, but the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business graduate knew that she wanted more than just a job at a prestigious company. She wanted a sense of deep-seated passion for her work.

“It was in 2006 where I finally discovered my passion in personal growth and helping others to grow. Whenever I looked around me, I saw people sleepwalking through their lives. People running fervently in the rat race, denying themselves of what they really wanted on the inside,” says Celestine.

Today, Celestine is a full-time personal development coach, speaker and blogger. She runs CelestineChua.com, a personal development business aimed at bringing out the best in others and transforming their lives. “In the past, I used to think life was about earning a lot of money and being successful. It was only years of pursuing these goals that I realized it was all wrong. Money and statuses should remain as means to ends and not as ends themselves,” says Celestine.

One of her coachess is 36-year-old Keith Dunnigan, who says, “I can say with total honesty that Celes has been one of the greatest and most positive influences on my life to date. Celes has allowed me to really see that potential within myself, and ignited a fire within which propels me to actually work on spreading that potential to the world around me."

Celestine will be speaking at a career seminar on 31 May at Novena Gardens. Titled, ‘Chart Your Career, Live Your Dreams!’ this seminar is targeted at university graduates and young working professionals eager to discover a dream career for themselves.

“I am really dedicated to the extent where I'm going to pursue this for the rest of my life. I want to help people be the best that they can be,” shares Celestine.

Click here to visit Celestine's official website: CelestineChua.com