Workplace Elevator Etiquette

By: Png Han Yong

With so many high-rise offices in Singapore, workplace elevators are incredibly commonplace. And like any other part of the workplace, appropriate decorum should be observed when taking the elevator in order to help maintain a sense of order and avoid any awkward situations, even if it’s for just a minute or two – after all, proper elevator etiquette is pretty much common sense.

The self-appointed vanguards of the Light Brigade love the thrill of being at the forefront of everything. Their goal is ostensibly to be the first person to set foot in the elevator, and they are perfectly willing to shove their way through a wall of other people to do so.

By standing back and allowing people who are in the elevator to get off first, you’ll not only make more space for all who wish to board, but also help to maintain an orderly flow of human traffic in and out of the elevator. Such a simple action can allow everyone to get to their destination on time.

There’s Always Space for Me
Despite encountering a full load of passengers when the elevator doors open, some individuals still insist on getting on. The situation is exacerbated if these enterprising entrants are carrying bulky packages or bags, forcing the already-squeezed passengers to be literally packed like sardines.

If you doubt you’ll be able to fit into the elevator, you probably shouldn’t try to – be sensible and save yourself the headache. And once you get on, keep your belongings close or try to place them at your feet to allow more room for your fellow passengers.

You Heard That Right
The confined space of the elevator is an excellent amplifier, allowing its passengers to easily pick up the slightest sound. Strangely, this does not seem to dissuade some from ‘sharing’ their latest conversational interests or the lyrics of the song they’re listening to with strangers.

What is music to your ears may be most jarring for others, so even if everyone on the elevator is your friend, remain peaceably quiet during the short ride. Even a simple gesture like lowering your music player’s volume will be appreciated by all in the elevator.

Fire in the Hole!
Anybody who farts, belches or performs any other bodily function which sends everyone’s olfactory nerves screaming in protest instantly becomes public enemy number one. That makes everyone else comrades-in-arms against the offending individual, so don’t hesitate to tell him or her off firmly but politely.

To be blunt, if you realise that you smell like a skunk or are in possession of something which does, have the common courtesy to take the stairs or find a way to minimise the odour and spare others a smell Armageddon.

How else should one behave when in the elevator? Share with us in the comment box below!

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