You work where? Awesome Workplaces Around the World

By Shi Tianyun

Some people just have all the luck – like the employees of these companies. Check out these cool offices that they have the privilege of working in. Bet there’s no such thing as Monday Blues in these workplaces!

McLaren Technology Centre in Surrey, UK

The Formula One racing-car company is housed in a sleek, futuristic building that overlooks its own huge artificial lakes. Be transported to the future as you make your way along glass walkways amidst the sleek silver interior. All the trappings of an awesome office like a juice and coffee bar, and a swimming pool and fitness centre that look right out a posh country club, pale in comparison with the centre of attraction - the 145m long wind tunnel that the McLaren Team tests out F1 cars in. Plus, F1 drivers make frequent appearances in the centre too! Lewis Hamilton takes you on a tour

Red Frog Events in Chicago, US

One step into the events company’s office and you will know why they call it “Camp Red Frog”. The office looks just like a holiday camp, complete with foosball tables, rock climbing wall, a zipline and hammocks! Meetings are conducted on comfy beanbags in tree houses and once it is over, just glide down the slide to get back to work. Plus, there’s an unlimited candy supply everywhere, courtesy of strategically-placed dispensers. Check out this colourful campsite disguised as an office

Google Headquarters in California, US

And we saved the best for last, the Googleplex. The 500,000 square foot premises houses everything from a beach volleyball court, sculptures of dinosaurs and Android mascots outdoors, 18 different cafes so you never have to step outside for lunch ever (did we mention that meals are free too?), sleeping pods (relaxation devices that are sound- and light-proof) and of course a twisty slide that goes down multiple floors – who wants to take the boring lift, right? Click here for a tour of the Googleplex!

Make your workplace more interesting

If you are seething with jealousy in your drab, tiny cubicle right now – short of joining McLaren, Red Frog or Google , you can make some tweaks so your workday will be more bearable. Always check with HR or your boss before you bring any of the below to the office!

Get your own coffee machine

Tabletop machines that brew coffee from capsules are now affordable and fuss-free. Pool together your colleagues to get one if you can’t function without caffeine. An endless supply of fresh piping hot brew that’s within arm’s reach beats getting your daily cuppa from the nearby café that might have turned cold when you finally reach for it, hands down any day. Or if you are a manager, this is one sure-fire way to win favour with your staff.

Add water features

Be it a small desktop fountain or fishbowl (make sure the fish is fuss-free like tetra or fighting fish), a water feature doesn’t only add some life to the décor to your cubicle but the bonus: water has soothing, calming influence.

Spruce it up

Besides water, plants are another great way to inject some colour and oxygen at your work area. But if you don’t have green fingers - dead plants are depressing anywhere - why not get a terrarium? These easy maintenance glass-enclosed gardens don’t require much watering.

Workout at your desk

So your office doesn’t have an in-house gym with personal trainers ala Googleplex but that’s no excuse to put the pounds on. Exercise balls are fast gaining popularity with deskbound employees as a means to burn calories while seated. Sitting on the ball forces you to engage your core to keep stable and encourages some to do exercises on the spot.

Add a mirror

While the size of your desk or cubicle isn’t going to expand anytime soon, placing a mirror or two strategically will help give the illusion of a bigger space. Plus, you can also look behind easily to spot your boss coming up!

Is your office cool? Share with us in the comment box!

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