Julailah Wahid

Career Fair Etiquette 101

With the JobsCentral Career and Education Fair 2014 coming up, throngs of jobseekers will be navigating their way through the expansive halls of Suntec Singapore Convention Centre.

Seeing that more than 90 employers will be present at the fair, proper conduct is important if you want to leave a positive impression and raise your chances of securing a job offer.

Here are five basic protocols to follow to show employers that you are a serious job applicant (and one with good manners): (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: Explaining Your Long Unemployment Period

Question: I have been unemployed for over nine months. How do I explain my long unemployment period at an upcoming job interview?

Answer: The interviewer may or may not have an unfavourable impression of your gaping unemployment period. But it can be typical for some employers to link this to something negative – perhaps a bad work ethnic or undesirable personality.

The last thing you want to do is to shrug your shoulders nonchalantly and give an awkward smile. So how do you weave your way through this dreaded question?
(Read More Here!)

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