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Top 5 CV Blunders

The one thing common to most job applications is the curriculum vitae. This two- to three-page document is expected to contain the applicant's employment history, special achievements and relevant personal details. Unfortunately, many applicants still fail to write their CVs properly and end up failing to snag the job interview. What are the top five blunders that job applicants make when designing their CVs?

By Linus Tham

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Secrets of a Top-scoring Student - A Blueprint for Success in School

Secret 3 - A Blueprint for Success in School

Before Lessons
Content Preparation
Every lesson relating to the subject is an opportunity for solid preparation, so ensure that you are ready to sit and understand every single lesson. In other words, each lesson should be treated seriously.

That said, in order to understand the content in every lesson, it would be optimal if the lesson material is anticipated beforehand. This is called content preparation. The day before each lesson the day, read the chapter in the textbook to be covered at least twice to get a basic idea of the concepts to be understood. Create a list of questions to be posed during the class. This will allow you to map a mental strategy on how to conquer the subject...

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Secrets of a Top-scoring Student - Lay the Groundwork

The following is reproduced with permission from "Secrets of a Top-scoring Student", a book written by Linus Tham and published by ARMOUR Publishing Pte Ltd (

Secret 2 - Lay the Groundwork

Know Your Learning Style
In the earlier chapters, I mentioned the concept of learning styles and how it can affect the learning efficacy of an individual. Scientific research has demonstrated that most of us learn and absorb information in different ways. It follows that the strategies should be adapted to suit our personal style despite the common belief in a fixed method of education...

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