Selina Tan

Workplace Dos and Don'ts

The workplace can be a minefield for any young professional. Learn the survival skills with our workplace guide.

By Selina Tan

It’s your first day at work and you have the jitters — will you fit into your new workplace, adapt to a different environment and get along with your colleagues? The concerns are plenty for a seasoned professional, let alone a fresh graduate. One of the best ways to start your career on the right foot is to cultivate good work habits. Here’s our guide to the top 10 things you should and shouldn’t do at work:


1. Organise
A messy desk says a lot about you as a worker. If you find yourself searching through a pile of documents for 10 minutes each time you need something, you really should organise your desk. File your documents into folders and label them — you’ll be thankful when finding information becomes a breeze. Repeat the same steps for your computer and email account. Multi-tasking may be a valuable skill, but if it’s making your work life a mess, you should be organising and prioritising your work. Pick the tasks that are more critical, and work through the list in order of importance.

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