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Open Letter to the Gentlemen: Pop It if It’s Hot

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By Winifred Tan

Dear Messires,

Now that my fellow islanders have blogged about their fashion pet peeves here and here, I figured it was time for me to jump onto the bandwagon and grouse about what irks me the most.

Popped collars!

For those of you unversed in American urban slang, a “popped” collar is, quite simply, an upturned collar, such that the back of the neck is covered and the adjunct flaps of fabric left to flop around the neck, like two dysfunctional flippers. Usually pastel, always neck-high, and sometimes even layered (oh the horror!), the popped collar is a perennial favourite on my list of unforgivable dressing faux pas.

Vignette: A Day in the Life of an Office Worker

By Winifred Tan

It is 9am in the morning. You trudge into the office, make some small talk with your colleagues, sit down at your desk, wiggle a little to make yourself comfortable, and settle in for a day’s work.

For the next 4 hours, the only sounds emanating from your corner are of the clicking mouse, your fingers tapping away frantically on the keyboard, and the occasional murmured phone call.


by Winifred Tan
Tonight I experienced my first blackout.

Or, to be more precise, my first involuntary blackout whereby I couldn’t fix the issue with a simple flick of the offending switch.

The time now, according to the clock display on my mobile phone, reads 2.06am. This means that it’s been over half an hour since the electrical supply in my apartment was cut off, just when I was about to step into the shower.

I wish I could say it has been an electrifying experience thus far (pun intended), but then I’d be lying. The truth is, living in a world with no electricity scares me. No lights, no entertainment, not even heated water for showering.

CFA Institute Releases Investment Career Guide for Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE, 3 October 2011: Aspiring investors and financial analysts in Singapore now have a reason to rejoice.

CFA Institute, the global non-profit association for investment professionals, today announced the launch of CFA Institute Career Guide Asia Pacific, the first comprehensive career publication targeted at finance practitioners in the region.

Managing Your Manager

Unless you’re self-employed or a business owner, chances are you have someone higher up the corporate food chain to report to – a supervisor, a manager, even a board of directors.

Since this is the person holding the key to your success, it is important to know how to manage him/her correctly.

A group of working professionals interested in maximising their career results decided to attend our Career Excellence workshop – "How to Manage Your Manager", to learn how to develop a win-win relationship with their managers.