Book review: iPad at Work & I Wish I'd Known That Earlier in My Career

By Jacelyn Lim

I have to admit, I wasn’t the happiest person alive when my editor slid this book on my table. Do not get me wrong, I am an avid Apple fan. My whole family is; we have 6 iPhones for a family of 4, which says a lot.

However, I can never justify reading a book to understand a gadget. Isn’t the whole discover-and-amaze process the fun part of Apple products? But, a task is a task and after reading the book, here’s a breakdown of the main points I have gained:

Not all students save on transport

By Jacelyn Lim

I am someone who constantly counts my blessings and take pride in having an advantage over others. It makes me really sore when I lose out in some areas, especially when it comes to money (because I am a miser like that), which explains the need for this post.

So, you can totally imagine the subconscious cringe on my face when I took the bus for the first time in 2012, the first day of my adult-fare-paying public transport life.

Poll Results: Are you planning a job switch after receiving the year-end bonus?

Amidst year-end celebrations and countdown revelries, the period towards the beginning of the New Year is often a time for many to ponder upon fresh resolutions. Resolutions that fall in the context of, say, losing weight, saving more money and other goals which one hopes to accomplish in the coming year. It should come as no surprise that switching to a better job is also amongst the common list of New Year’s resolutions.

Needless to say, it would be a strategic time to consider a job switch since it’s the time to look forward to a “fresh year, fresh start”. It is also during this period where many companies practise handing out year-end bonuses as reward to employees for their contributions throughout the year. Often, employees looking for a professional switch would take the receipt of year-end bonuses as a cue to start their search for greener pastures.

Through a poll conducted between 2nd December 2011 to 3rd January 2012, JobsCentral sought to find out how many individuals have the intention of leaving their current jobs after receiving their year-end bonuses. The poll received a total of 372 votes.

Fancy a seat on the bus?

By Mabel Tan

Image by: Scott Chan

With the recent hike in taxi fares, it seems a more reasonable choice to render the services of other forms of public transportation, especially for daily commute.

As a former finance student, I completely understand the importance of saving, which is getting even more crucial as Singapore rises to take the place of the sixth most expensive city in Asia this year. That’s why I ride the bus on a frequent basis.

But with trains stalling on our increasingly overcrowded island, how can you beat the crowd to getting a seat on the bus?

The Art of Daily Office Wars

By Mabel Tan

Image: David Castillo Dominici

If you’re unhappy with your job or workplace, you are certainly not alone.

Even though the 2011 JobsCentral Work Happiness Indicator Survey shows that the Singapore workforce is “generally happier” now than in previous years, results of a recent survey by Lumesse reveals that Singapore still ranks last among 14 countries in terms of workplace happiness.

I love my job, don’t get me wrong. But while factors such as a toxic work culture or unsupportive workplace are beyond our control as employees, there are other threats to workplace happiness that we are able to mitigate.

Poll Results: How much would you spend on a Christmas gift for your boss?

To some, the impending Christmas holiday does not necessarily relate only to indulging in the festive joy. In particular, one may find the process of choosing the right gifts extremely vexing. This ordeal can be especially distressing if your boss is amongst the recipients in your gift list.

Selecting an appropriate gift for the boss can be an extremely delicate affair. An overly exorbitant gift might immediately grant you the “bootlicker” tag by co-workers while an inexpensive gift may come off as insincere.

A poll was conducted by JobsCentral from, 21st November to 2nd December 2011, to find out the general perceptions’ of employees on, how much would be an appropriate amount to spend on a gift for the boss. A total of 222 votes were gathered from the poll.

Poll Results: Why was it that “Occupy Raffles Place” failed?

Originating from New York City, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement initiated by a group of activists was meant as a peaceful demonstration to protest against expanding disparity in wealth, corporate greed and corporate influence over democracy. The protest first started in early September 2011 and by October 2011, it has inspired similar demonstrations in numerous locations around the globe.

In Singapore, a similar movement was slated to take place. The “Occupy Raffles Place” movement, termed after its New York counterpart, garnered thousands of supporters in its Facebook page and gained widespread attention throughout the island. So much so that, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) issued a public statement discouraging Singaporeans from participating in the protest. The local version of the movement, however, failed to take place due to the inadequate on-the-ground support.

Why was it that Occupy Raffles Place failed? Could it be that Singaporeans do not feel the same level of resentment as the Wall Street protesters? Could it be that Singaporeans are afraid that they might infringe the law? Perhaps Singaporeans believed that holding a protest is not necessary as better alternatives were available? Or was it simply because most Singaporeans have no idea what the protest is about?

A poll was conducted by JobsCentral from 1st November to 21st November to gather public sentiments on why the demonstration did not take place in Singapore. A total of 128 votes were received.

How I survived a day out with kids

By Eliza Hamizah

I have to admit, when I was chosen to join the rest of the JobsCentral team at the USS (Universal Studios Singapore) for our community outreach, I was not exactly in high spirits. More than that, I was apprehensive of what the day would bring.

To do our part for the society, JobsCentral paired up with The Adopt-A-Rental-Block (AARB)@ South West project to sponsor a day of fun for kids from low-income families living in the South West District. This year, we've decided to spread the festive cheer by bringing these less-privileged children on a day trip to the USS theme park.

The reason for my apprehension? You see, everyone close to me knows that I am not particularly good with children. Kids look at me and cry. They fold their arms and refuse to talk to me. Okay so maybe I am impatient and moody – which explains the not-so-welcoming effect I have on them – but future motherly instincts aside, I was sure the trip would be my doomsday.

Turns out I was wrong!