What you and I can learn from Game of Thrones (even if you’ve never watched it)

By Eliza Hamizah

So as you’ve guessed, I am a fan of the ever-so-popular Game of Thrones. And like my colleagues who roll their eyes whenever I indulge in a private discussion about the show with those who do watch it, you’re probably begging for me to change the topic. But the good thing is, this is an article that everyone can relate to. These 5 points that I am about to bring up will be useful for both your personal and work life. I strongly suggest you start watching Game of Thrones for more office and life tips.

If jobs were lovers

By Juliet Soh

A friend who’s graduating in a few months’ time went into panic mode because he doesn’t know what jobs he should apply for. He can’t make up his mind because every job opening he saw seemed attractive.

He likes Job A because it’s glamorous, and Job B because it’s what he likes, however, he can’t give up Job C because he thinks it has the best career prospects. More importantly, he has diverse likes and interests, and he can’t find that one job that allows him to satisfy all of them.

If jobs were lovers, he would be a super-bad philanderer.


by Winifred Tan
Tonight I experienced my first blackout.

Or, to be more precise, my first involuntary blackout whereby I couldn’t fix the issue with a simple flick of the offending switch.

The time now, according to the clock display on my mobile phone, reads 2.06am. This means that it’s been over half an hour since the electrical supply in my apartment was cut off, just when I was about to step into the shower.

I wish I could say it has been an electrifying experience thus far (pun intended), but then I’d be lying. The truth is, living in a world with no electricity scares me. No lights, no entertainment, not even heated water for showering.

Poll Results: Which do you think is most effective in reducing workplace fatalities?

In its press release on 26 September 2011, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) reported an increase in the number of workplace fatalities for the first half of this year as compared to the same period last year. Based on the figures released by the Ministry, 30 cases that resulted in fatal injuries were reported from the period of January to June this year - an increase compared to the 25 cases reported during the same period in 2010. Occupational Diseases also saw a surge from 124 cases reported last year to 361 reported cases this year.

Singapore has maintained a relatively unblemished scorecard in terms of its workplace safety standards. As such, this increase in workplace fatalities has prompted MOM to step up its inspection. In its press release, MOM has informed that it “will not hesitate to impose stiff penalties, where necessary”.

Following the report, JobsCentral conducted a poll from 3rd October to 31st October to gather public opinions on which measure would be the most effective in reducing the number of workplace fatalities. A total of 50 votes were received.

The Economics of Time

By Mabel Tan

If you’re a movie buff, you'll probably have heard of the new movie starring Justin Timberlake – In Time – where people have the privilege to “buy” and gamble time.

Isn’t that one idealistic concept you wish was applicable to our realistic world of hastiness? Much better than time travelling, in fact, where you travel back to square one, right before you cleared your pile of work.

The downside to having additional time is that you will probably have to deal with more mental clutter, which is trigged by external stimuli – such as from the workplace, society, and mass media.

Think about it: if you’re exposed to more time, wouldn’t you have more contact with the environment hence causing more thoughts on your mind?

What I learnt in school and how I apply it to work

By Juliet Soh
I read Political Science in university. While most of my friends went on to soar in their careers as civil servants, where they meet with foreign delegates and make policies, I chose to be in the media industry - where I've always imagined myself to be in.

I toiled as a writer for lifestyle magazines for most of my work life, and realise that I don't need to understand international relations and diplomacy (my specialisation) in my article about the latest mascara that lengthens your lashes by 13 times.

Crushed Toy Cars and Childhood Ambitions

My Childhood Ambition

By Farhan Shah

It was tough pandering to my whimsical childhood ambitions. Some days, I woke up with the itch to be an inventor. I would deconstruct (and when I say deconstruct, I really mean destroy) all my toys and then, fix them together to form what my imagination made out to be a cake detector or a hover board.

Other days, I wanted to be a stunt driver, careening around dangerous corners at high speeds and attempting death-defying jumps that would leave the audience flabbergasted and begging for more.

CFA Institute Releases Investment Career Guide for Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE, 3 October 2011: Aspiring investors and financial analysts in Singapore now have a reason to rejoice.

CFA Institute, the global non-profit association for investment professionals, today announced the launch of CFA Institute Career Guide Asia Pacific, the first comprehensive career publication targeted at finance practitioners in the region.

Poll results: How long do you think the term of office for Singapore's president should be?

The Battle of the Tans to be Singapore’s 7th president came to an end on Saturday, 27th August, where former Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan emerged victorious with the greatest number of votes.

It was an extremely close fight between Dr Tony Tan and his closest rival, Dr Tan Cheng Bock. Dr Tony Tan won the Presidential Elections by a narrow margin of 0.34% of the votes, securing a total of 35.19% of all valid votes, compared to a close 34.85% of votes secured by Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

As of September 1st, 2011, Dr Tony Tan would have to start serving his 6-year term as Singapore’s 7th president. What are your views on the current length of term of office for Singapore's president? Do you think the term of office should stay at 6 years? Or do you think it should be shortened to 5 or even 4 years? What about lengthening the term of office to more than 6 years?

Based on this topic, JobsCentral conducted a poll from 22 August to 3rd October to find out what people think of the current length of term of office for Singapore’s president.