Editor's Blog: Revving up

It's been a couple of days since our official launch, and judging from your feedback, things are off to a great start!

We love how you're leaving comments and participating in the forum, but if you haven't, here are three of our most popular forum threads that you should check out immediately!

1) Dream jobs

2) Life as a financial planner

3) Horror stories about the rush hour crowd

If you haven't heard, recommending friends to the forum might win you a Sony PSP, while contributing quality posts could bring you free movie vouchers...

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself registered and join in the buzz!

Editor's Blog: Radio gaga

Radio personality Joe Augustin has been fired by Radio 91.3FM.

Augustin was informed that his services would no longer be required last week, following the resignation of Petrina Kow, his former co-host on The Morning Show. Kow had resigned last month so as to spend more time with her family.

Kow has described the decision by Radio 91.3FM to fire Augustin as "baffling", but what I personally find more baffling is this statement released by the station's programme director to the media.

Editor's Blog: "Uncle, Orchard Road! Sorry Auntie..."

I got into a taxi once, and promptly told the uncle where I wanted to go without looking at him at all.

To my surprise/horror/embarrassment, the 'uncle' turned around and said something like "Eh boy...I not uncle lah..."

YES, my cabbie turned out to be a woman, and in case you were wondering...YES, it's legal for women to be taxi drivers.

According to LTA, only 2% of all licensed taxi drivers here are female, which translates to fewer than 2,400 women.

Editor's Blog: They mean business

Following a report about fresh graduates from SMU, figures have been released for business graduates from NUS and NTU.

Almost all business graduates in the 2007 cohort of NUS got jobs within six months of graduating, with a mean starting pay of more than S$3,000.

8 in 10 were offered jobs before graduating, slightly lower than NTU's figure of 9 in 10.

Top earners from NUS are receiving up to S$10,800 a month, while those from NTU are are getting paid as much as S$15,000.

Some of you were sceptical about the figures in the SMU report, so what do you think of this one? If you're a recent business grad, spill the beans by leaving a comment!

Editor's Blog: Getting booted

The superintendent of the detention centre that Mas Selamat escaped from has been sacked.

According to Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng, the command director of the Internal Security Department (ISD) has also been dismissed.

Others like the deputy superintendent of the detention centre and a handful of ISD officers have been demoted and charged over the escape respectively.

What are your thoughts on the above announcements? Did these officials deserve to lose their jobs? Should more people be punished for the escape?

Editor's Blog: How safe is your workplace?

We all know work can be a chore. But in some companies, it's apparently dangerous too!

27 companies have been fined a total of S$1.3 million for violating workplace safety regulations. And it's not just the companies that were punished.

Another 15 individuals, ranging from CEOs to supervisors, were fined between S$5,000 and S$50,000 for not ensuring that work was executed safely.

Editor's Blog: Good news for SMU grads

They've done it again.

SMU graduates are getting hired sooner and drawing higher starting salaries than last year.

To put things into perspective, three-quarters of them actually found jobs before they even graduated, while the rest were employed within six months. Those holding degrees with distinction started with an average pay of $3,500, and 69 graduates even landed high-flying jobs that paid between $4,000 and $10,000 a month.


Sounds pretty amazing huh? I wonder how NUS and NTU statistics are going to match up this year.

If you've got something to get off your chest regarding this report, check out this thread of our Forum.

Editor's Blog: Hello world

Helloooooo world! You're reading the first of many blog entries that will appear on this portal, known as JobsCentral Community!

If we had to sum up what this portal was about in one word, I guess it would have to!

I know. Not the sexiest of words out there, but hey, isn't work one of the most universal topics that you can get? Let's face it, everyone has to stop studying and get a job someday, and once you start work, chances are you'll find it taking up more of your time than anything else in your life.

Which is why we're here to make that fact a little less gloomy than it seems. In fact, we plan to equate work with fun, which probably sounds ludicrous to you right now, but you'll see...

If you're looking for the latest news about the job market, this Editor's Blog will keep you updated with all that's happening in Singapore and beyond. Consider me as your personal narrator of this website, if you will. Comments professing your undying love are obviously welcome.

If you're hungry for gossip and advice on work-related matters or anything that can capture the public's imagination, we've got a Forum where you can join in the fun by raving and ranting till your heart's content. If that doesn't excite you, maybe our prizes which reward frequent and discerning users will.

If you prefer education and career information in the form of feature articles, you'll find everything you need and more in our extensive archive of Articles from Career Central magazine, Singapore's leading campus career magazine. Whoever said good things don't come for free?

If you're into graphs and statistics, our Research section will unveil comprehensive data about the latest education and career trends, which will appeal to your inner geek and enlighten those who are keen to understand the students and jobseekers of today. Note that only polls are available for now, but stay tuned for more research content in the form of past survey reports, articles and more!

Not too shabby eh?

So go ahead and add us on your bookmarks (you know you want to), and trust me, work can be fun.

If you let it be.