JobsCentral joins forces with CareerBuilder to enter Southeast Asia market


JobsCentral Group announces acquisition by largest U.S. online job site CareerBuilder to expand into region

SINGAPORE, MAY 3rd 2011: The JobsCentral Group is set to expand its reach in the Southeast Asia online recruitment market, following an acquisition by CareerBuilder, the largest online job site in the United States.

By joining forces with CareerBuilder, JobsCentral is in a prime position to leverage on global resources and cutting edge technology to reaffirm its position as one of Singapore’s top job portals as well as advance into the immediate region.

“We’re very pleased to join the CareerBuilder family, which has a deep and broad suit of services and vast distribution network that will help us provide the best recruitment solutions to our clients and users,” said Mr Lim Der Shing, CEO of JobsCentral Group. “Like CareerBuilder, JobsCentral is more than just a job portal, and we look forward to growing our business in the region with this partnership.”

“Singapore has a prosperous economy, pervasive Internet use and a very low unemployment rate,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “It’s an ideal market for the online recruitment business and our new partner JobsCentral has an impressive track record. Combining CareerBuilder’s global resources with JobsCentral’s expertise in the Southeast Asia recruitment space will bring an even greater level of service to Singapore’s employers and job seekers.”

The JobsCentral Group is currently one of the largest career media players in Singapore with the flagship job portal that has over 800,000 registered jobseekers, JobsCentral Learning that focuses on education services, the annual JobsCentral Career and Learning Fair that attracts 55,000 visitors and career magazines. The group also owns BrightSparks, the country’s largest scholarship and education platform for pre-tertiary students, as well as a fast-growing presence in Malaysia with

The brands JobsCentral and BrightSparks will continue to be used in Singapore as both enjoy strong brand recognition with employers, schools and jobseekers.

With the acquisition of the JobsCentral Group, CareerBuilder now operates in 21 countries worldwide, including the U.S., Europe, Canada and Asia.

Poll results: What are your views regarding the recent revamp of facebook profiles?

Recently, changes have been made to the design and layout of the Facebook profile page. In particular, the newly revamped profile now allows users to show more details about their employment. This may seem like good news to some, as they are now able to feature their projects done at work, or tag friends as their colleagues at work. For others, the new features have been condemned as they blur the line between showcasing your professional and your personal life.

To gain a deeper understanding of what people feel of the new features, JobsCentral conducted a poll from December 2010 to February 2011.

Poll results: Which key initiative of Budget 2011 do you think will benefit you the most?

This year’s Budget was unveiled by the Minister for Finance, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, in parliament on 2 March 2011. In order to reward Singaporeans for their hard work and resilience in the past year, the Budget this year gave out a generous package of gifts, in the form of one-off and longer-term benefits for both households and businesses.

Among all the benefits given out, the ‘Grow & Share’ package earned the greatest attention from Singaporeans, where a slew of goodies such as income tax rebates, growth dividends, child development credit and many others were promised to all Singaporeans.

Based on this issue, JobsCentral conducted a poll from 7th March to 1st April, where an aggregate number of 113 respondents participated to share their views on which budget initiative they thought would benefit them the most.

Winning Impressions

A good first impression is absolutely vital if you want to ace that job interview. To that end, we collaborated with The School of Personal Excellence to bring two workshops - How to Write Winning Resumes and Achieve Employment Success and How to Ace Your Interviews and Get Your Dream Job - to help you with that goal.

Held on two consecutive Saturdays, the workshop attracted a healthy number of participants with employment aspirations in their minds.

Helping You Get An Edge

In today's wired world where information can be gleaned with a single mouse click, most people have multiple personalities in the online world, ranging from Facebook to Twitter to even LinkedIn.

The all-important idea is how you utilise these different avenues to get an edge over the rest of the working force. Our latest workshop, The Guide to Job Hunting in Today's World, helped 39 participants increase their chances of getting their ideal job.

Smashing Records

Work is not meant to be a transactional relationship where your trade your time for money. It's a medium where you get to pursue your passions, to develop your capabilities, to cultivate your talents and be the best that you can be, while being paid at the same time.

This clarion call attracted a record number of 50 disenchanted participants, our highest so far, to join the first workshop of the year - How To Discover The Right Career For You.

Presenting the lucky draw winner of the 2010 JobsCentral Survey!

Earlier this year, we conducted the 2010 JobsCentral Survey, which led to the release of the JobsCentral Happiness Indicator and JobsCentral Learning Survey.

Results of both studies were widely covered by the media, but we couldn't have done this without the help of thousands of respondents.

Thus, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, and are pleased to announce that Mr Law Kok Chung is the winner of our lucky draw prize!

Just by taking the 2010 JobsCentral Survey, Kok Chung has won for himself an Apple iPad! Congratulations!

As 2011 approaches, JobsCentral will continue to conduct large-scale surveys that provide valuable information about career and education issues. Stay tuned to find out how you can win prizes in future, and check out past surveys that we have done here:

In the meantime, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a great 2011 ahead!

Presenting the Dec 2010 JobsCentral Learning Survey Results!

We would like to extend our warmest gratitude to everyone who participated in our Dec 2010 JobsCentral Learning Survey. Thanks to your support, we received more than 5,000 entries for the Survey!

First launched in 2009, the JobsCentral Learning Survey is a study of higher education preferences in Singapore. With a total of 5,001 respondents this year, we believe that the JobsCentral Learning Survey is the most current, comprehensive and largest survey of its kind in Singapore.

Which are the preferred private schools in Singapore? What are the most popular reasons for pursuing further education? How much money are people willing to spend on further education?

Get the answers to these questions and more by downloading a FREE report of the survey results here:

We are also pleased to announce the results of the Survey Lucky Draw. Congratulations to Mr Law Kok Chung for winning the Apple iPad! if you did not win anything, look out for next year's Survey, and who knows, you might be the next lucky winner!

Here are links to media coverage of the survey results so far:

Poll: A recent study showed that Singapore is the most desired country to migrate to in Asia. Which of these best describes you?

A recent global study by research-based consultancy Gallup revealed that out of the developed countries in Asia, Singapore is found to be the one with the highest migration index, with a high score of 219%, while Japan is found to be the only other country where people desire to migrate to (1% migration index). (Refer to for more information on the study).

The results also showed that it is 5.37 times more likely for youth around the world to want to migrate to Singapore, and that Singapore faces a potential 317% net brain gain, while other countries in Asia such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan face potential net brain drain instead.

Although the net migration index of developed Asia is small (1%) as compared to that of the Australia / New Zealand / Oceania group of countries (155%), it is still surprising that Singapore is the most desired country to migrate to, among developed countries in Asia.

In recent years, Singaporeans have already expressed their concerns over issues such as overcrowding and more competition for housing, education and employment from foreigners. Yet this study suggests that Singapore is still a very attractive destination for migrants.

Based on these results, JobsCentral conducted a poll over a period of two weeks, to find out what is the general stand on this issue of potential high migration rate into Singapore in the future.

Poll Results: How will you react if you have a new colleague who is an ex-convict?

The Yellow Ribbon Project is a movement which I'm sure most of us would have heard of. For the past 6 years since its launch in 2004, the Yellow Ribbon Project seeks to engage the community in accepting ex-offenders and their families, giving them a second chance at life and to encourage more people to pass this effort forward throughout the community, providing the support that they need to assimilate back into the society1.

Recently, there was a Chinese article in mypaper (Oct 14, 2010, Page B4) featuring ex-convicts as being great employees in companies who are willing to hire them. However, judging from responses in prominent forums in Singapore, there remains a degree of public assent towards accepting ex-convicts as one of us.

Based on this issue, JobsCentral conducted a poll over the last 4 weeks, to determine how the public will react if they have a new colleague at work who happens to be an ex-convict. This is what the people surveyed have to say: