DBS: Managing Your Finances, The DBS Way

Plenty can be done through the Internet. With that in mind, DBS has an online feature that is able to perform a range of tasks safely, effectively and efficiently.

By Md Sufyan Saad

Youths today are more technologically savvy than their predecessors of yesteryear. This generation relies heavily on technology to perform a variety of tasks which, in turn, frees up their personal time to pursue other things.

But even with the advancement of technology, many still prefer the conventional method of carrying cash with them, rather than going “cashless”. However, the circulation of money in its physical form is not entirely efficient and possibly risky. Thus, DBS Bank has moved towards providing services in cashless transactions to advance its customers’ modes of banking.

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Singapore's top ten best-paying job

Finding the right job can be hard. There are just too many factors to consider-your personality, ambitions, abilities and qualifications to name a few. Though factors such as the nature of the job, the working environment and our own career aspirations are important, sometimes a good gauge, for the practical among us at least, is the pay. So to help you, we present the top ten best-paying jobs out there based on figures published by the ministry of manpower. This is by no means an exhaustive compilation.

By Karunanethy Kalaivani

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2006 JobsFactory employers of choice for entry-level graduates

Which organisations do entry-level and recent university graduates in Singapore want to work for? Who do they consider as their ultimate dream employer and why? JobsFactory, together with Career Central, brings to you the results of the much-anticipated JobsFactory Employers of Choice for Entry-level Graduates 2006 survey.

By Michelle Lim

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Back for seconds!

It is inevitable that JobsCentral Career Fair 2007 had to follow after over 20,000 visitors passed through the doors of last year’s inaugural JobsCentral Career Fair. With 53 exhibitors and over 5,000 white-collar vacancies advertised last year, expect this year’s career fair to be double the excitement as the exhibition hall will be able to accommodate two times the number of exhibitors compared to last year.

By Lum Xiang Rong

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'Think-out-of-the-box', 'synergy', 'paradigm shift', 'world class', 'win-win'. Do these words make you roll your eyes every time you hear them from your boss? He's simply talking a lot, without saying anything useful. Buzzwords are both a boon and a bane to corporate-speak. Use them carefully, or they might just make you the butt of all jokes.

By Gangasudhan