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Why shun insurance agents?

Insurance agents get a lot of bad press, and we often avoid them when we can. What could have led to such unhealthy and averse reactions, and to what extent are they justified?

By Nazirah Akhtar

Many shudder at the prospect of sitting through a meeting where an insurance salesman is eagerly rattling on about the benefits of buying insurance policies. Though we know that it is necessary to purchase one, we tend to avoid such salesmen like the plague.

Comments from some people on the street give us some clues as to why the negative perception exists. Having been approached countless times, local postgraduate student Akbar complains, “They seem so eager to sell insurance even to the point of forcing it down on you, regardless whether you need it or not. Even if you decline, they will persistently follow up with endless calls.” When asked if he would ever consider pursuing a career as an insurance salesman, Akbar says a firm “no”.


Making big bucks: How much can you really make in insurance

Financial advisers, consultants, insurance agents-whatever you call them, you are sure to have seen them, heard them, and probably been approached by them. Why are insurance salespeople popping up virtually everywhere? Is it that lucrative? Career Central investigates.

By Felicia wong


The difference worth making-a career with AGD Singapore

The Accountant-General's Department (AGD) is the de facto accountant and paymaster of the civil service. Esther Wee, an AGD scholar, who has been working in the department since 1998, recounts her experience. She reveals that it's a job that is full of variety and different responsibilities.

By Irena Josoeb


The changing landscape of the insurance industry

Most of us know the feeling of answering the phone to hear an unfamiliar but overly-friendly voice. As we try to figure out the identity of the caller, the following 'trigger' words are mentioned: death & disability, critical illness and guaranteed returns. It then dawns upon us that we have on the other end of the line, a financial planner, otherwise known as the dreaded insurance agent.

By Gangasudhan


It's a great life

Remember the days when the word "insurance agent" conjured up images of aggressive salesmen peddling insurance policies? The insurance industry has certainly come a long way since then, and the influx of young and educated agent has changed the way people view the profession. Many young people are starting to see the business of financial consulting in a different perspective due to the changes in the industry. Over the past few years, Great Eastern has seen more graduates and young professionals joining the company. Career Central speaks to two young and successful life planners from Great Eastern who've made good in the industry.

By Liu Lian Feng