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The winds of change: The stock broking industry in Singapore

The financial sector is is Singapore's single most important economic sector, accounting for nearly 40% of the country's GDP, the sector encompasses over 500 financial institutions, ranging from banks to insurance companies, and finally to the stock brokerages, things used to be pretty cosy for these multi-million dollar organisations, particularly for local institutions, but much has changed in recent years. And the reason for the changes can be summed up in one word-liberalization. As far as the governement is concerned, there was no other choice, globalization and technological advances have allowed international capital to flow wherever there are greater efficiencies and better returns. Singapore's financial sector had to be opened up to fiercer competition, in order to allow market forces create those efficiencies. Singapore's stock market was not spared from these reforms. The reforms to the stock market had 3 key objectives: 1)to create open access, 2)to liberize brokerages, and 3)to broaden the business scope of stock brokerages.

By John Yip


Banking boot camps

For a bank, grooming next-generation managers is serious business. Hundreds and thousands may be invested every year to not only recruit the best talents but to also hot-house them to take on senior positions in corporate, consumer, relationship banking and so on. Here'e a quick peek into prestigious management associate programmes run by Citigroup Singapore, HSBC bank and Standard Chartered bank.

By Sujatha Rajagopal

Show me the money

Today's definition of private banking is much more that what it has ever been. Managing someone else's immense wealth isn't exactly a cushy job, and the money and prestige associated with it always seem to be one more twenty-hour workday away. Neverthless, almost every finance professional harbours dreams of becoming a private banker. There is a huge demand in Singapore and Asia for these hard-as-nails financial advisors and although the stress is high, so are the rewards.

By Sujatha Rajagopal

The Banking and Finance Industry in Singapore

Singapore is a thriving financial centre of international repute, servign its domestic economy, the wider asia pacific region, and the world. The financial services accounted for 11.6% of Singapore's gross domestic product in 2003, while employing just 5% of the country's population, making it the highest value-added service industry in Singapore.

By Shane Lim


Becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst

Are you considering studying at an overseas university? Go for it! Research has shown that studying abroad provides students with increased self-confidence, a lasting impact on their world view, and enhanced interest in academic study. And that’s before we’ve even considered the friendships you’ll forge, the lessons you’ll learn and the stories to share in years to come.

By Nazirah Akhtar