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War on cliches

Why do we dredge out the same dull cliches every day when there are one million words in the English language to choose from? Anna Murphy takes a look at the state of language in today's world and offers some practical advice to aspiring wordsmiths hoping to make inroads into the business of language and writing.

By Anna Murphy

We all use them—they bounce off the keyboard so conveniently and God forbid that we should write anything original—it’s just not done anymore, is it? Clichés have become our time savers and so we end up reading and hearing the same words all day long from different sources.

Anyone in the storytelling industry, whether in print, broadcasting or the arts, should pay more attention to the currency of the language they use. It’s less about how qualified or experienced you are and more about the number of people who buy into your message, and enjoy the manner in which it was communicated to them. They don’t want the same old chestnut.


Freelance Writing 101

Carving out a career in freelance writing is not as easy as it seems. What should you know before taking the big leap into this profession? Read on to learn the dos and don’ts to being a freelance writer.

By Kevin Lim

The pen is mightier than the sword.

While this idiom may have received a degree of scepticism during the warring days of Genghis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte, it most certainly rings true in today’s society...

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Arts, Media & Journalism overview: Making the cut

The past year has seen Singapore's emerging media thrive in a multi-platform industry of creative content and technological capabilities. This year, be prepared for another promising phase for Singapore, to once again break barriers and strengthen its vision of becoming a truly global media city.

By Pamela Almeda


Made-by-Singapore: Producing content for a global audience

The word has gone out- Singapore wants to be the media hub for the region. It's not hard to see why. Global spending on media entertainment amounted to US$1 trillion in 2001, and it's expected to hit US$1.7 trillion by 2008. The Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market for media entertainment over the next five years, where media spending amounted to US$215 million in 2000 alone. It's certainly a lucrative market that's hard to ignore.

By John Yip


The Printed Page: Singapore's print and publishing industry

Singapore enjoys one of highest rates of literacy in the world. As a result, the demand for high-quality print publications like newspapers, magazines and books has increased over time, and homegrown companies such as the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and MediaCorp have risen to the demand by churning out a wide variety of publications. Read on to find out more about the print & publishing industry in Singapore, and about the career opportunities available there.

By Nazry Bahrawi



It's often said that a picture says a thousand words. From fashion photographer Mario Testino, to the father of photo-journalism Alfred Eisenstaedt, photo-journalists have had the ability to capture the imaginations of people all around the world. Many have been captivated by the economy of a great picture, one that is able to say so much with so little, one that is able to rouse more emotion than a bevy of words. Such is the power of photo-journalism.

By Liu Lian Feng

Truthseekers or Spinmasters? The state of modern media in Singapore

To uncritical minds, the media in all its multiple formsserves as an objective source of information. However, the media has also been criticised by some as a vehicle for manipulating public opinion. We take a closer look at the two faces of media.

By Nazry Bahrawi