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By Priya Sunil

Singapore’s strategic geographical location continuously attracts business investments across different sectors from all around the world. The engineering sector constantly presents new opportunities and undiscovered potential and continues to contribute significantly to Singapore’s growth as an overall Business Hub. (Read More Here!)

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Concrete Fun

Left: Foo Cexiang | Right: Harold Soong

Amazing innovations and incredible times can be found at JTC. We speak to two scholars who reveal a world behind the concrete and steel infrastructure.

By Kevin Lim

“JTC Corporation is Singapore's leading industrial infrastructure specialist spearheading the planning and development of a dynamic industrial landscape.”

Our pre-interview research into the corporation led us to believe we would be meeting two serious, intelligent gentlemen who would answer our questions with a calm monotone.

Instead, what we got were two incredibly charming men who were everything but boring. Besides being open and humorous, they were full of smiles during the conversation.

Meet the two men: Harold Soong, Acting Assistant Director of JTC’s Corporate Finance department and Foo Cexiang, a Planner in the Physical Planning department.

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Engineering The Rise Of A Dream

How far will you go in your pursuit for academic growth and self-actualisation? For Gan Theng Huat, the perseverance has certainly been worthwhile as he and his team witnessed the recent launch of Singapore’s first ever indigenous microsatellite, the X-SAT, into space.

By Mabel Tan

Established in 1972, DSO National Laboratories is one of Singapore’s premier national defence research and development (R&D) organisations for national defence.
With more than 1,000 research scientists and engineers, its mission is to sharpen the cutting edge of Singapore’s national security via new technologies and out-of-the-box solutions.

Through positive core values that emphasise the spirit of ‘learning by doing’, DSO aims to become a wellspring of technological knowledge, a fountain of innovation, and an inspiration to the R&D community in Singapore.

One of DSO’s innovative initiatives was the X-SAT, Singapore’s first ever indigenous microsatellite. Built in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the satellite was successfully launched on 20 April 2011. Research Engineer Gan Theng Huat reveals how he helped in this momentous project.

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The Throne Of Innovation

Despite having more than 60 years of experience in the machine tools industry, Makino continually strives to be at the forefront of innovation. This is what they call – the Makino Way. We speak to two engineers from Makino as they share with us how Makino plays a role in our lives without us even knowing about it.

By Farhan Shah

One’s a German who came to Singapore after being approached despite having never been to this part of the world before while the other had an innate interest in developing innovative engineering solutions for a better world.

Despite hailing from vastly different backgrounds, the both of them found what they were looking for in Makino – a global engineering company that influences the lives of tons of people, without them even knowing about it.

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Springboard to a Greater Future in Science and Technology

The DSTA Scholarship is the premier scholarship in defence science and technology. Two scholars share with us how the scholarship has paved the way towards fulfilling careers for them.

By Jenny Mak

The DSTA Scholarship provides a fully-sponsored undergraduate education in selected fields of study at top local and overseas universities.

It gives scholars diverse opportunities to pursue challenging careers not just in the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), but also in the other organisations that make up the Defence Technology Community .

Behind the doors

For Ong Shin Rong and Eugene Ang, choosing the DSTA Scholarship has opened the doors to an extremely fruitful and fulfilling career.

27-year-old Eugene, an Engineer with the C4I Development Programme Centre, waxes lyrical about his time so far with DSTA.

“It is truly a career like no other,” he enthuses, “one that is full of challenges, yet is highly rewarding as you know that your vital contribution truly makes a difference to our nation.”

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New Frontiers of Engineering

Engineering is more than just a technical field – it is about comprehending how different systems interface together, be it human or mechanical. Two scholars share how ST Engineering achieves this goal.
By Benjamin Lim

Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) is an integrated engineering group specialising in innovative solutions and services for both commercial and defence customers.

With diversified businesses in various industries, ST Engineering offers plenty of opportunities for employees to be exposed to different engineering fields.

This was the future that awaited 34-year-old Delvin Gho after graduating from Cornell University in 2002.

Scholars like Delvin get to experience working life in various ST Engineering companies to expose themselves to the different functions of ST Engineering.

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Building the Vessel of Life

Keppel Shipyard is a vibrant and lively place, where workers of different nationalities work on massive vessels that line the quayside. It is here that we meet Thomson Tng, a young man who has found and affirmed his future aboard vessels he has a hand in repairing, converting, and constructing.

By Wendy Ng

Thomson Tng, a project manager in the commercial department of Keppel Shipyard, cuts a striking figure in his white overalls against the backdrop of mammoth structures the likes of Very Large Crude Carriers, Floating Production Storage Offloading vessels and oil tankers.

A green band around his left wrist bears the words “Safety starts with me – Together we care”.

On the band, Thomson explains, “Others always perceive our job as relatively dangerous, but the fact is that we have better safety statistics than other industries. In Keppel, we aim to create an incident-free workplace. This band serves the purpose of reminding us at all times that safety starts with us.”

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