Industry Related (Engineering)

Engineering the Forefront

Two scholars from ST Engineering share with us their intrepid journey into the technical world of engineering and technology with one of the biggest giants in the industry.

By Grace Swee

Engineering has been widely recognised as one of the most popular courses for students to enrol into and for future professional careers to be carved out.

With a plethora of academic areas within the body of engineering and a chance to shape the landscape of the world, it is no wonder students are keen to undertake its study.

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Breaking New Ground

Singapore Power offers attractive scholarship options for the discerning student. Two of the organisation’s scholars share with us how choosing Singapore Power has changed their lives for the better.

By Cheryl Tay

Lee Hui Fang was browsing the BrightSparks website for an overseas finance scholarship when she came across Singapore Power.

“Singapore Power stood out as it was rare for non-government bodies to offer overseas finance scholarships. While I was initially attracted by the investment-related work at Singapore Power, I was subsequently impressed by the sincerity of their offer. They took the time to explain how I could contribute in an engineering-based environment,” the 24-year-old says.

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Engineering Singapore’s Defence

The DTC plays an important role in developing and delivering the most cost effective solutions possible to meet Singapore’s defence and national security needs. This is often the key attraction for DSTA scholars, two of whom share their dreams and desire to engineer Singapore’s defence.

by Wendy Ng

Some people grow up wanting to be soldiers, protecting our homeland from the frontline.

Others want to be part of the engineering behind the weapons wielded by the soldiers, harnessing technology to deliver defence systems that will ensure a safer Singapore.

Two recipients of the DSTA Scholarship, Zhuang Yaoyang and Daniel Chia found their calling in the latter category.

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Moving People With Passion

With excellent career progression for its staff and a close-knit working culture, MTU Asia with a passion for moving people is a dream come true for three employees.

By Farhan Shah

Melody Han, Helmi Sedik and Emmanuel Sin come from wholly different backgrounds but the trio are currently living out their dreams under the flag of MTU Asia.

As part of the Tognum Group, MTU Asia is the Asian arm of German-based company MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, the third largest global manufacturer for off-highway diesel engines and complete drive systems.

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SAESL: Aviation Action

Only at SAESL will you be able to work with an exclusive range of Rolls Royce aircraft engines. And with BrightMinds, you might just land the job.

By Cheryl Lim

Imagine you are in a fully air-conditioned, spacious workshop with music playing softly in the background. The cool air and clear lighting create a comfortable environment for you to do your job maintaining and repairing aircraft engines for highly reputed commercial airlines.

This is a day in the life of 26-year-old Ng Yong Hua, a Trainee Inspector at Singapore Aero Engine Services Pte Ltd (SAESL).

“I studied aviation in school,” says the Mechanical Engineering graduate from Nanyang Technological University. “I preferred a more hands-on type of job, which only a few companies offered. SAESL was one of them.”

Job-hunting made easy
After graduating in mid-2008, Yong Hua went through several avenues in search of his dream job. Two months later, he clinched the traineeship programme with SAESL through BrightMinds, an online career fair focusing on campus recruitment.

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The Perfect Lift-Off

The notion of flight has enticed mankind for centuries. One SIA pilot reveals how his profession complements his interest for travel and aviation.

By Nabilah Husna A. Rahman

What is usually every young boy’s first fantasy is very much a reality for Captain Tay Lim Tiang, a pilot with Singapore Airlines (SIA). Having long harboured an interest in flight technology, Lim Tiang now has control over the “metal birds” and travels to different cities all over the globe for a living.

He chose to study Electronics and Communication Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic (SP) in order to chase his dream of flying to success, literally. “I was very intrigued with the job of a pilot during my youth. I was fascinated by the machines that are able to take flight in the sky,” the SIA pilot reveals.

With regard to his engineering background, Lim Tiang explains, “Modern aircraft incorporates many applications of technology, and as such, pursuing an engineering diploma is a logical extension of my interest in aviation.”

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ST Engineering: Eclectic Endeavours

So you are an aspiring engineer whose interests extend beyond the field of engineering? ST Engineering's extensive global network of over 100 subsidiaries and associated companies in 24 countries and 42 cities ensures that there will always be something for you.

By Eugene Lim

Algorithms for Success
When Joel Chan's parents first brought a computer home, little did they know that it would have such a profound impact on their young son. “I was about five years old at that time and was very intrigued by the computer. I was especially fascinated by Microsoft BASIC and MS-DOS. Later on, when the computer died, I had the opportunity to dismantle it and look inside. It was all very interesting and exciting to me,” he reminisces.

What started off as the innocuous tinkering and dissecting of computer parts eventually transpired into an inexorable zest in the field of computer science. Although he was sure of his passion for engineering when he was scouring for scholarships after the 'A' levels, Joel was also aware that this passion could wane or even change as he grows older and becomes exposed to new experiences. With this in mind, he applied for the ST Engineering scholarship.

“ST Engineering is a very large company. Not only are there many fields of engineering that I can go into, there are also many opportunities available outside engineering like business, accounting and management,” explains Joel.

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Singapore Power: The Exception, Not the Norm

SP scholar Elysia Low has continually proven her mettle as a Management Associate in the organisation.

By Cheryl Lim

It’s unusual to find a female as inclined to engineering as 24-year-old Elysia Low.

Her interest in the subject was sown in her primary school years when she used to be a habitué at her uncle’s mechanic workshop, before the word “physics” made any sense to her.

“I started going to his shop when I was in primary school because it was near my house, and since both my parents were working,” Elysia shares. “Although it was just a car repair shop, there were many interesting gadgets to play with which I couldn’t find at home. And I didn’t have to worry about anything getting spoilt because there were always people who would repair them later!”

Years down the road, her experience of working on research projects as a student at Hwa Chong Institution further strengthened her inclinations towards the engineering field.

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LTA: Tunnels and Trains

Brandon is an engineer from LTA who understands the sheer scale of the Circle Line MRT project. He speaks of how his work inspires him to learn continually.

By John Yip

“One location that inspires me, and that I’ve actually been to, is Machu Pichu in Peru,” says Brandon Li, a Land Transport Authority (LTA) scholar. “It’s an ancient Inca city in the middle of nowhere, high on top a mountain. In ancient days, you had to hike four days to get there. Right away, you realise that the Incas were part of a very magnificent civilisation.”

As a Civil Engineering graduate, Brandon has a keen interest in structures, especially monumental structures such as Angkor Wat, Stonehenge, and the mysterious monoliths on Easter Island.

However, he cannot imagine anyone building structures such as Machu Pichu today. “I think you would first need to be ruled by kings!” laughs Brandon. “They make decisions that have no obvious benefit other than glorifying themselves!”

Deep excavation
Modern-day construction projects, in contrast, are much more rational affairs. They involve many groups of people coming together to make decisions based on economics and public interest.

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JTC: Blueprint for Excellence

JTC – Where possibilities abound.

By Roland Tan and Tan Yan Shuo

“I’ve always been fascinated by bridges and buildings,” muses Tay Hwee Bin, a Principal Analyst at JTC Corporation. This is true in the figurative sense too – in her never-ending endeavours to bridge the gap between her dreams and reality, which is immeasurably aided by the JTC scholarship.

As Singapore’s leading provider of industrial space solutions, JTC offers a wide range of industrial and business facilities for all types of manufacturing and related operations. To date, it has developed more than 6,000 hectares of industrial land and 4.4 million square metres of ready-built facilities for more than 7,000 local and multinational companies. It provides the perfect platform for Hwee Bin to hone her talents.

Engineering solutions
“My current portfolio is in corporate planning, where I focus on JTC’s long-term strategic business directions,” she shares. “For instance, I was recently involved in the restructuring exercise of our business, re-aligning our business groups into industry clusters to better focus on the economy needs.”

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