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Panalpina Singapore: Supplying the Fuel to Drive the Nation Forward

In a fast-paced world that is constantly evolving, Panalpina Group, global provider of supply chain solutions, shares with us how you can be part of the action and transformation, keeping the nation moving forward seamlessly. 


A Moving Story

First established in 1973, the Singapore Logistics Association is constantly setting and raising the standard of excellence in the burgeoning logistics industry. We speak to one logistics professional who went into the industry purely by chance.

By Melainne Chiew

Lyon Goh professed that he sort of stumbled into the logistics industry by chance. “I didn’t originally plan to come into logistics,” Lyon shares. Formerly in the advertising and design field, the soft-spoken man “desired a change in environment”. The answer to his conundrum came to him out of the blue while he was flipping through the morning papers.

“I saw an ad that extolled the virtues of the logistics industry and it resonated with me somehow,” Lyon explains.

Often overlooked due to its background nature and ambiguous definition, the logistics industry is a vital part of the daily operations in transportation, inventory, warehousing and security, among others.

Armed with this knowledge, Lyon enrolled in The Logistics Academy. The trailblazer not only graduated with a Diploma in Integrated Logistics Management, he was crowned the Best Achiever and won the Book Prize.


The Chain Of Collaboration

In the modern era of globalisation, the choice is simple: either an enterprise collaborates today or it may flounder tomorrow. No industry understands this better than Logistics.

By Winifred Tan

“The logistics industry is both competitive and collaborative,” says Associate Professor Tan Yan Weng, Head of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programme at SIM University.

“In any industry, competition is the driving force behind creative innovation. Yet the logistics industry also thrives on collaborative relationships along the supply chain – from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer and so on – to get products moving from the point of production to consumption.”

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Linking All The Way

The next time you go grocery-shopping at a supermarket, stop and take a closer look at the mass-market products you purchase. Have you ever wondered how they get from their place of production to the display shelves? The answer: Logistics.

By Winifred Tan

Chan Hsien Hung believes that logistics is a branch of engineering that creates “people systems” rather than “machine systems”.

The amiable 34-year-old is General Manager of Yang Kee Logistics P/L, a Singapore-based logistics company that is “slowly but surely emerging from its SME status to become a player on the international stage”.

Logging in
Stepping into the logistics industry, Hsien Hung reminisces, was due to a lucky break.

After graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, he did a short research stint in Photonics under an Economic Development Board (EDB) training programme.

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SLA: Everyday Heroes of the Logistics Industry

What is it like to be in the fast-paced logistics industry? Three SLA scholars share their experiences in the respective organisations in which they work.

By Tan Yan Shuo

For diploma-holders Edric Chen, Paul Wong, and Yee Cheng Foong, becoming a logistics professional has been amongst the best decisions of their lives, as it provides them with a challenging career in one of the fastest-growing and most exciting sectors in Singapore. Little did they expect, however, to one day become the first batch of Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) scholars.

SLA is an industry association that provides many services for logistics companies, one of which is grooming industry talents by facilitating their professional development. Starting this year, it will award up to six scholarships annually, funded by SPRING Singapore and IE Singapore’s Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) initiative, and with recognised companies as co-sponsors.

Edric, Paul, and Cheng Foong were all high-fliers in their respective companies, but none were satisfied with what they had – all dreamt of greater things to come. Upon receiving news about the SLA scholarship’s inception, they jumped at the opportunity, and were nominated by their companies to undergo a battery of interviews and tests. Eventually, the three young men did themselves and their companies proud by becoming the inaugural recipients of the scholarship.

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SLA: SLAted for Success

Course trainer and entrepreneur Marcus Lau shares how SLA can help fresh graduates forge a great career path in the logistics industry through professionalism and excellence.

By Nabilah Husna A. Rahman

Marcus Lau is sagacious when it comes to dispensing advice. The 42 years old course trainer at the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) has a prudent outlook of the logistics industry after having served in it for many years.

“I graduated in 1991 and during that time, there wasn’t really a logistics industry,” says the former Biochemistry student in the National University of Singapore. He fell into the industry “by chance”, when he was introduced by a friend to a freight-forwarding company.

Upon joining the company, Marcus developed a thirst for logistics that couldn’t be quenched by a mere part-time position. “Four months after the part-time arrangement, I decided to take it on a full-time basis,” he says. “There’s something attractive about the industry that made me stay on and give up the Biochemistry major I had.”

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