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Of "Sandwich Praise" and Pink Cadillacs

Mary Kay, a brand that’s known to women worldwide, has finally debuted in the Singapore market. We speak to the President of Mary Kay Asia Pacific about the organisation behind the skincare and cosmetics line.

By Cheryl Lim

These days, companies that promote servant leadership with a drive for watching people reach their fullest potential are scarce. However, at Mary Kay, this philosophy is pervasive throughout the ranks. Besides being one of the most successful direct selling organisations in the industry, Mary Kay is also known for its unique mission – to enrich the lives of women.

“Mary Kay is a company that sells a way of life, and that way of life is development of women, allowing them to believe in themselves, to be the best that they can be,” says Mr K K Chua, President of Mary Kay Asia Pacific. “It almost sounds too idealistic, but I can tell you that it works.”

In fact, the man himself was sceptical when he was headhunted for the position of President of Mary Kay China many years ago.

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Franchising: short-cut to entrepreneurship?

Even before graduation, the majority of university graduates will be contemplating the obvious. Many will start probing through job classifieds, signing up with recruitment agencies & web-portals and sending out resumes just to hunt down that perfect but elusive employment opportunity to begin their career.



Making every line count: Drafting as a career

Drafting is a highly specialised skill and a draftsman plays an important role in the design process of any construction project. All engineering or contruction projects start at the drawing board, the key domain of the drafstman. In other words, a draftsman is first and foremost a very skilled artist.

By Lim Chang Shane

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The vroom factor

Singapore has a reputation for having one of the highest number of cars per square foot, despite exorbitant car prices, cars new or old, vintage or modified, remain a constant sight. We take a look at the hands that keep the wheels turning and find out what it's like to be a car mechanic.

By Ernest Eng

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