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By Priya Sunil

Singapore’s retail and hospitality sector has had its fair share of ups and downs in the recent years, following events such as the tightening of foreign worker policies. However, despite the resulting decline in productivity levels and manpower crunch faced, the future of this sector is set for newer opportunities to flourish.(Read More Here!)


4 Types of Customers Retail Assistants Love to Hate

“Right or wrong, the customer is always right.”

Like it or not, dealing with challenging customers is part and parcel of any frontline job in the retail industry. Being in such a customer-centric role requires tenacity and a good attitude, especially since the objective is often to deal with and manage the expectations of others to create a memorable customer experience.

(Read More Here!)


SPRING: Enabling Enterprises

Fuelled by her love for Business Management, Charlotte shares how her work at SPRING helps to develop local enterprises.

By Lim Yan Wen

Clad in a fitting black jacket complete with heels that exude confidence, Charlotte Lin is in her element when she enthuses about her work in SPRING Singapore. “I've always wanted to work in businesses, or anything related to business and marketing,” Charlotte says.

The 25-year-old, who has worked with SPRING for close to three years, is now a Manager who holds concurrent appointments in Retail and the International Partnership Office (Europe) (IPO). Armed with a degree in Business Management from the Singapore Management University (SMU), Charlotte has a double major in Marketing and Corporate Communications.

This academic combination has prepared her well for her work with SPRING today. Besides accumulating classroom knowledge, Charlotte gained invaluable networking skills and knowledge through overseas exchange and immersion stints in Sweden's Lund University and Switzerland’s St Gallen University, as well as a business study mission trip to Silicon Valley in the United States.

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Shoppers may have a fine time sifting through buys and grabbing their wares, but what goes on behind the sale? Find out more about the retail industry from the management point of view.

By Melody Tan

Retail is not just about selling or the salespeople you see at stores and cashier tills. Much action and coordination goes behind the scenes to get products on and off the shelves.

For example, logistics and distribution plays a key role in retailing as the products have to move from the manufacturer to the retailer. Other considerations that retailers have to think of are store locations, stock levels and finances. Marketing is also involved as retailers have to attract the target audience of the product. To make sure all the processes run smoothly, there is a need for retail management.