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The Art of the Deal

It takes more than just a charming personality to succeed in sales. You need to know your product and always strive to give your customer what he needs. Two veteran sales professionals tell Career Central about the art of making and closing lucrative deals.

By Irena Josoeb

Think all a sales person needs is personal charm, an outgoing personality and the gift of the gab to make the deals and keep them coming in? Think again...

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Sold On Selling

Today, a career in sales need not only mean a job as a regular store sales person. It covers an increasingly wide range of responsibilities. However, whatever it is that you are selling, communication, quality and service is paramount.

By Melody Tan

Selling is an important function in all businesses, large or small, and regardless of industry. Whatever an organisation may sell, whether it is products or services, it needs to tell people about it. In fact, nothing happens until someone sells something. In other words, if you can’t get anyone to buy your products, you’d be out of business pretty soon...

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What is a sales job all about? Merely selling? Think you have the qualities required for sales jobs? Read on to find out more.

By Anna Murphy

The most interesting sale happens when you’re persuaded to buy something you didn’t even know you needed. When the afterglow wears off, you wonder how you ended up with $500 worth of skin care, or the Titanic of all barbecues. It’s not so much that you were easy but that the sales approach was so effective...


Sales-driven Industries

There are many kind of sales-driven industries, and not all of them are equally lucrative. Career Central takes a look at three of the biggest-insurance, car and real estate. We find out how much they earn, and investigate why they can command such high incomes.

By Ana Jumari

The world today revolves around commerce. Every consumption, big or small, starts with a single transaction. And every transaction – cash, credit, even barter – is a sale...

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Sales Engineers

Sales engineers use their engineering know-how to help customers determine which products or services provided by their employer best suit their needs. In addition to working with the customers, more experienced sales engineers work with the production, engineering, and even R&D departments of their company to design/modify products to meet the customer's needs better.

By Huang Shao Ning

Many of the job duties of sales engineers are similar to those of other salespersons. They must interest the client in purchasing their products. Sales engineers often team with the marketing people and concentrate mainly on the technical aspects of the product/services...