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Towards Service Excellence

The recent reports that Singapore organisations are providing ‘less than sparkling service’ (Straits Times 20, 21 and 22 April 2009) must be a source of some concern to a country that prides itself on its service standards. It must be of even greater concern to the Government which has poured vast amounts of money into service provision over the past few years. Yet Singapore is home to many world-class organisations delivering excellent service. Four of these include, for example, Singapore Airlines (SIA), the National Library Board (NLB), Singapore Zoo and even the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Data from my ongoing international service reputation study, which began in 2000 sponsored by the Institute of Customer Service in the UK, shows that SIA, year on year, is the top rated international organisation for excellent service. The NLB has a world-leading reputation for its innovative approaches to service design and world-beating service provision. Singapore Zoo is a leading world zoo renowned for its top-rated Night Safari, its approach to animal display and conservation and public education.


Singapore Tourism Board: Uniquely Enriching

As a management trainee with the Singapore Tourism Board, Kevin Choe is at the forefront of one of Singapore's most dynamic industries today.

by Colin Lim

At the age of seven, Kevin Choe left Singapore to study at the International School of Bangkok in Thailand. About ten years later, he returned to complete his National Service, but found himself feeling out of place. "I felt like a foreigner in my own country, after being away for such a long time,” recalled Kevin.


Flying High

Being a Singapore Girl is not just about glamour. Standards are high, whether it is in grooming or conduct. But the highest standard of all is that of service. Career Central finds out more from flight attendants of our national carrier.

By Melody Tan

Daniel Randolph, 35, Leading Steward, SIA (left) and Jessie Keuk, 39, Chief Stewardess, SIA (right)


Article: Check Out China!

I was skeptical when I first considered pursuing tertiary studies in China. Media reports and hype about China being a new potential superpower yet a traditional one were hotly debated. Most Singaporeans had a misconception about China being backward and all. Somehow I sensed China’s silently growing power and I really wanted to find out for myself what the China buzz is really about...

By Cheng Chek Lim


Working your way around the world

Have you ever wanted to get out of this small island and wake up in different cities around the world? If you love travelling so much that you may want to do it for a living, we’ve got great news for you – you don’t have to be an armchair traveller no more! Find out how you can work your way around the world by making a career out of the thing you love best. I have here several top picks that will be sure to place you amongst diverse cultures and new languages, meet people from all over the globe and perhaps enjoy a holiday romance while making your lifelong dream come true.

By Dawn Hu


Bon voyage!

After Kuala Lumpur, it's Bangkok. Then, you're off to Hong Kong, followed by Japan and Jakarta. In between work, you're taking in the travel hotspots, delicacies and shopping till you drop at store after store. Ah, the jet flying lifestyle. The truth is ... frequent flying is miles apart from that image, behind the fancy suits, laptops and stories of exciting travel spots are fatique, irritation, stress, frustration, and homesickness. Frequent flying isn't as glamorous and 'happening' as some might think it is. Time to get one's head out of the clouds; This is the boarding call to the reality of business air travel!

By Josh Rayan

The challenges of hospitality management

The travel and hospitality business is booming in Asia, but there's a huge shortfall in qualified managers to drive that growth. Success in this business is about delivering guest experiences taht are out-of-the-world, while keeping a keen eye on the bottom-line. It takes special talent backed with education to achieve that success.

By John yip