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Realising Urban Dreams

Our growing population in land-scarce Singapore means that the need for creative urban planning is now, more than ever, taking centre stage. Meet two recipients of the URA Undergraduate Scholarship who are part of the agency that is actively shaping our environment.

By Mabel Tan

“I believe that people make the city, and the city shapes the people living in it. Hence, urban planning is the fundamental aspect of this constant interaction,” Teo Tsu-Lyn says.

The 24-year-old Urban Planner with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) believes that good urban planning is about balancing people’s needs with the city’s spatial constraints. Crucially, it is also about putting people at the heart of this planning process.

Complementing urban planning is urban design; this is where 27-year-old Nicholas Li, an architect with URA, comes in. Urban design guides the design of buildings and how it relates to its surroundings, and enhances the quality of the urban landscape.

Both Tsu-Lyn and Nicholas share the common objective of enhancing the quality of the urban scene with their planning and design skills.

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Never Too Young to Lead

A global leader. A great city. A home in Asia. For business, innovation and talent. If EDB’s vision for Singapore resonates with you, read on and find out how you can shape the country’s economic landscape.

By Kevin Lim

At 24 years of age and, comparatively fresh out of university, Gina greets us warmly at the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) office.

From the 28th floor of the Raffles City Tower, we have a bird’s eye view over Singapore’s central district landscape which is a testament to EDB’s work over the past 50 years.

A Vision for Singapore
A global leader. A great city. A home in Asia. For business, innovation and talent.

EDB’s vision is spelt out simply and clearly. Working towards that vision, EDB’s officers are guided by the EDB mission to create for Singapore, sustainable growth with vibrant business and good job opportunities.

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Of Fish, Plants and Pets

The food that that arrives safely on our dinner plates is a testament to the hard work put in by AVA officers. We meet with animal lover and AVA scholar, Dr Diana Chee, as she tells us about life in AVA.

Photo: Dr. Diana Chee with family

By Kevin Lim

Operating out of a little-known corner in Lim Chu Kang, a team of scientists, researchers, professionals, and technicians are working to keep Singapore’s animals and plants healthy, and her food supply safe.

Among them is animal lover Dr. Diana Chee, the Acting Assistant Director of the Aquatic Animal Health Section in the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).

It was her love for pets that landed her a first scholarship with AVA. Now, in her sixth year with the organisation, this young doctor has completed her second AVA scholarship and still looks forward to learning something new every day.

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A Noble Undertaking

Stanley Fong in blue surrounded by his young charges

The Public Service isn’t merely a job but an undertaking that promises you an enriching and fulfilling career. We speak to one PSC scholarship recipient who shared how a career in the Public Service has shaped and moulded him into the dynamic and grounded individual he is today.

By Farhan Shah

His desk is cluttered with stacks of folders, his computer screen is filled with scribbled post-it notes, and his calendar is filled with endless appointments. Despite his obviously busy schedule, 33-year-old Stanley Fong warmly welcomes me into his office and invites me to take a seat. “I just came back from a meeting,” the General Manager of the Southeast Community Development Council says apologetically.

However, beneath his unassuming and humble nature lies a heart that wants to contribute to Singapore and her citizens.

The Overseas Merit Scholarship (OMS) recipient is quick to admit that he’s quite the accidental public servant. “I sort of stumbled into it when I was 18,” he says, laughing heartily before continuing, “I was just looking to enter university and initially wanted to be an engineer.”

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Driven to (Help Others) Excel

Left: Chen Zhongyi | Right: Ong Sin Yee

It’s often said that passion drives us to success. We meet two teachers who show us how this desire can be used to fuel others to the same levels of success beyond the boundaries of school and into life.

By Kevin Lim

From the moment we meet Zhongyi and Sin Yee, this delightful duo makes us wish they were our teachers when we were still reciting the national anthem daily. The spark, passion, and genuine enthusiasm they have for the teaching profession, and more importantly, for the lives they influence every day, leave a lasting impression on us.

For Zhongyi, the importance of being a caring teacher was instilled not through books or lessons, but by example. When Zhongyi was younger, an accident landed him in hospital. During his hospitalisation, one of the events that made a profound impression on him was how his CCA teacher would frequently visit him in hospital and check on his progress, all in his own time.

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On Track to Greater Heights

Public transport is an everyday affair which many people take for granted. Meet an LTA scholar who is determined to bring change to both the industry as well as people’s mindsets.

By Benjamin Lim

When the time came for Zheng Wenxiang to apply for a scholarship, he had one goal in mind: To make an impact on Singaporeans’ lives.

To the former Victoria Junior College student, there was no better industry to serve in than transport.

“Public transport is ingrained in everyone’s lives and there have been a lot of grouses from the public in recent years, so I thought I would give myself a challenge too and see how I would be able to contribute to this area of national development,” the 24-year-old says with conviction.

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Tax Works

Taxation is not all about the money, and it is certainly not for accounting graduates only. Two IRAS scholars tell why IRAS is more than just a tax authority.

By Eliza Hamizah

Imagine an office so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. Everyone speaks in hushed whispers. Your boss is distant and your colleagues are uptight. The work environment is so unbearably stifling to the point that it depresses you.

Fortunately, the atmosphere in Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) is far from that. “A stark impression I had during the interview was the cheery laughter coming from the IRAS staff. You might think of this as a strange decisive factor, but this distinguished IRAS from the rest of the offices I’ve been to where the typical scene includes a stony silence,” quips 20-year-old law student, Victoria Chong.

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