Spring Singapore: Engineering the Economy

SPRING’s main focus may be oriented towards small-medium enterprises. But there’s nothing small about Evan Foo’s and Johnny Teo’s dreams.

By Jannelle Lau

Evan Foo first heard about the SPRING Executive Development Scholarship (EDS) in an email with the subject line “Be your OWN boss”. It described one of his goals so precisely that he read on, and what he saw appealed to him. He learnt that as part of SPRING, he would be able to participate in and contribute to the growth of local SMEs - a niche industry that accounts for 60% of the Singapore workforce and 50% of our GDP.

Experiencing a different culture
With his desire to contribute to this meaningful mission, Evan applied for EDS and went through four rounds of selection before he was selected as a mid-term scholar. Other than being sponsored for his final two and a half years at the National University of Singapore (NUS), he was also funded for his one-year overseas programme at the Silicon Valley in the United States.

“SPRING believes in a holistic and global education and encourages their scholars to gain overseas experiences by going for student exchange programmes and to take up foreign languages,” the mechanical engineering student says.

Evan’s experience at the Silicon Valley in United States had been eye-opening. Under the National University of Singapore Overseas College programme, he worked in an American start-up for one year while studying technopreneurship and engineering modules at Stanford University.


Six Things to Avoid When Applying For Scholarships

While there is no doubt most scholarship applications will have been painstakingly put together, some seemingly negligible points can make or break your chances of a successful application.

by Wendy Ng

The end of ‘A’ levels doesn’t mark the end of an education path; instead it represents more of a water point, a slight breather, before you continue down the route to getting that degree.

You have studied hard and achieved good grades you’ll gladly flaunt. Having drawn a rough map of your ideal future, you have taken that first step by researching on the relevant university courses.

At this point in time, a scholarship will be the icing on the cake.

However, applying for scholarships can be an overwhelming process that usually starts out exciting but might end up more disheartening than anything if the results are not delivered.

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Think Long-Term With JTC

Being able to shape Singapore’s industrial landscape is one of the exclusive rewards of working at JTC Corporation, as these JTC scholars will testify.

By Cheak Hong Ian

At JTC Corporation (JTC), many strategic projects are started for the future of Singapore's industrial landscape. These efforts may not seem to have an immediate impact, but are necessary for sustainable development in a small country like Singapore. This mammoth task of readying Singapore’s infrastructure cannot be achieved without a team of talented people at JTC.

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Nurturing the Nation’s Growth

A mechanical engineer by training shares how she thrives on developing mega-projects at JTC Corporation.

By Prasana Ramachandran

If you are someone who thrives on change, JTC Corporation (JTC) offers an invaluable working experience that will give you a sense of fulfillment that comes from shaping Singapore’s industrial landscape.

Established in 1968, JTC has developed some 6,600ha of industrial land and 4.4 million sqm of ready-built facilities. Its industrial developments include four wafer fabrication plants, an advanced display park, two business parks, a specialist chemical park on Jurong Island, biomedical parks in Tuas as well as logistics hubs for various industries.
JTC is also part of the FIREfly alliance, a human resource collaboration among statutory boards under the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). Many have benefited from this collaboration, including JTC scholar Teh Huay Hoon, who joined the corporation four years ago.

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Grooming Creativity

Singapore has embraced art, design and music as viable economies, and has executed various incentives and programmes to develop local creative talent. For would-be artists, musicians and filmmakers, it means more money. And if that isn't enough, what’s cooler than telling your friends that you’re a creative?

By Edwin Tam

Jeremy Monteiro and Olivia Ong; Royston Tan and :phunk studios.

One’s a jazz pianist and another’s a singer; he’s a filmmaker and they’re a graphic design collective.

You might have seen, heard or experienced their works in movies, concerts, posters, or even on television. That’s not too surprising as they are part of Singapore’s creative industries – defined as “industries which are inspired by cultural and artistic creativity and have the potential to create economic value”.

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Starting a Healthy Career

Two of HPB’s scholars tell us of their journey towards making healthy choices in life.

By Nabilah Husna A. Rahman

What’s the best way to attain good health? The people at the Health Promotion Board (HPB) will tell you it is about making the right choices.

A balanced lifestyle and rewarding pursuits can take you considerably far in your life and career, as testified by two of HPB’s scholars, Leonard Yeo and Lin Jieying.

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Compassion for Patients

Medical radiography offers more than a deskbound job. Alexandra Hospital radiographer Joycelyn says that her job is really about public service and she garners full satisfaction from this.

By Prasana Ramachandran

If you’ve ever had an x-ray, the most likely person to have attended to you would have been a radiographer. Radiographers use cutting-edge technology to capture images of bone, soft tissue, blood vessels, and internal organs. Doctors then use these images to diagnose, manage, and treat diseases and injuries effectively.

The science of radiography has advanced by leaps and bounds since the days when x-ray films were developed in chemical tanks in dark rooms, and handed to doctors still dripping wet when the images were needed in a hurry. Today, radiography involves the use of advanced digital imaging such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computer axial tomography (or CAT or CT) scans, and ultrasound, among others.

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The Waves of Tourism

The benefits of a FIREfly scholarship with STB are bountiful. Scholar Peirui shares about her education and rewarding working experience.

By Nabilah Husna A. Rahman

For four years, Tan Peirui has pursued her interest in the dynamic tourism industry through her scholarship experience with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). She graduated with a degree in Hospitality Business from the Michigan State University. Her scholarship with STB also allowed her to attain her master’s in Public Administration at the University of Southern California.

“I think when I considered a scholarship back then, I knew I wanted to be in the tourism and hospitality industry,” Peirui enthuses. “At that time, there weren’t a lot of courses in hospitality available – the ones that did were diploma courses, and I wanted a degree in hospitality. Hence the only option was to go overseas.”

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AccURAte Planning

Together with its talented work force, URA strives to continuously enhance Singapore as a great place to live, work and play in.

By Nabilah Husna A. Rahman

The next time you take your usual route to work or to school, observe your surroundings. From ensuring good pedestrian linkages to managing the national conservation programme, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) plans and facilitates Singapore’s physical development in partnership with the community.

As Singapore’s national land use planning and conservation agency, its key vision is to create a vibrant and sustainable city of distinction. Part of this involves being the development agency for Marina Bay, the new city extension.

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More Than Just Numbers

A keen interest in public service and the financial sector will put you in good stead for securing a MAS Scholarship.

By Joyce Lin

Think of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and everything finance-related is likely to come to mind. Indeed, as the central bank of Singapore, MAS’s mission is to promote economic growth and develop the nation as a sound and progressive financial centre. To achieve this, MAS is involved in a variety of functions, which includes the conduct of monetary policy, the issuance of currency, overseeing payment systems and managing the official foreign reserves of Singapore.

However, while MAS is closely related to the financial sector, the organisation gives its scholars the freedom to study any discipline of their choice, with the exception of architecture, dentistry and medicine. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the study of economics or finance-related subjects is not a pre-requisite for potential scholars, be it for their ‘A’ Levels or university education. What MAS is looking for in potential scholars is a keen interest in public service and the financial industry.

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