A Place to Grow

Since young, Catherine Teo and Chen Zhen Zhen knew that they wanted to work as healthcare professionals. Upon completing their ‘A’ Levels, both successfully applied for scholarships offered by the National Healthcare Group, and were posted to the National University Hospital (NUH) after their graduation.

By Joyce Lin

NUH has a staff strength of more than 5,000 healthcare professionals and offers a diverse range of career paths in hospital administration, health sciences, nursing and other healthcare services. The organisation’s effort in developing its staff potential has not gone unnoticed, having garnered the People Excellence Award in 2004 as a tribute to the professionalism and commitment of its healthcare professionals.

The accolades gained by the hospital are kudos to the hard work of healthcare professionals like Catherine, a 36-year-old advanced practice nurse and Chen Zhen Zhen, 24, an occupational therapist.

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Grooming Leaders for National Defence

Drawn by a dynamic environment and unlimited career opportunities within MINDEF, two scholars share how receiving the Defence Merit Scholarship helps fulfil their aspirations and fuel their passion for national defence.

By Ruth Wong

“I have always wanted to get out of my comfort zone and widen my horizon in the bigger, unknown world outside of Singapore! I believe that life’s experiences lie beyond the textbooks, and an overseas education would greatly enrich my personal development in ways that are non-replicable in a local tertiary education,” says Woo Kai Wei.

That dream has come true when Kai Wei was awarded the Defence Merit Scholarship (DMS). The 24-year-old scholar is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Modern Chinese Studies with the University of Oxford in United Kingdom.

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Healing People, Improving Lives

While doctors and nurses man the medical frontlines, the allied health professionals provide the necessary support and ensure that the road to recovery is well paved.

By Azhar Jalil

With the treatment of symptoms and diseases becoming increasingly complex, the allied health professionals play an important role in complementing doctors and nurses in the continuum of care delivery.

As medical specialists, physiotherapist Cheryl Poon and aspiring speech pathologist Heng Qi Wen perform vital roles in ensuring that patients receive holistic and comprehensive treatment. Allied healthcare refers to healthcare disciplines which complement the traditional care given by doctors, dentists and nurses.

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SPRINGing into life on a SPRING-FIREfly Scholarship

Nabbing a scholarship with SPRING Singapore is not something everyone can boast about. Yvette shares more about her journey through the thick and thin of her scholarship adventure.

By Kevin Lim

Job searches are funny events. When we’re studying, most of us seemingly already know which organisation we’ll be working for, two, three or even five years down the road. The same “most of us” usually end up somewhere totally unexpected, our bolted mindsets swayed by the most innocuous of circumstances.

Yvette Chua, a strong-willed and independent 22-year-old FIREfly scholar, is no different.

Yvette admitted to not knowing much about SPRING Singapore when she first considered a FIREfly scholarship. Nonetheless, during a FIREfly scholarship talk, a representative scholar of SPRING shared earnestly about his journey in the organisation. This left her so impressed with SPRING, and intrigued with its work in the SMEs sector, that she set her sights on it as an organisation to work for.

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Hearts of Gold

If your calling lies in caring for others, the NHG scholarship can help you realise your mission and benefit many people along the way.

By Lim Yan Wen

If you’re meeting her for the first time, one of the first things you would notice about Audrey Tan is her serene demeanour. But once this 22-year-old opens up about her passion for nursing, her heart of gold and soft-spoken determination quickly shine through.

Audrey’s interest in nursing developed in her secondary school days, when she was a member of St John Ambulance Brigade. “Apart from my involvement in St John Ambulance Brigade, I also wanted to take care of my parents and grandparents and not feel helpless when they're sick,” Audrey explains.

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In Command

LTC Ho Yung Peng may be more senior compared to CPT Janice Quek, but both RSAF scholars take immense pride in the work they do for the nation.

By Cheryl Tay

He is a fighter pilot with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and defends our skies at the frontline. However, besides flying an advanced multi-role fighter aircraft, Lieutenant-Colonel Ho Yung Peng also commands a squadron of air crew and logistic personnel in operations and training.

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A Soldier’s Passion

SAF Overseas scholar Major Lin Maoyu may be the exemplary all-rounder, but it is passion that makes the difference in his career as an Army officer.

By Azhar Jalil

As a staff officer assigned to plan the Army’s future force structure, Major Lin Maoyu has to balance numerous considerations in order to recommend the best way to deploy the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)’s limited resources. While certainly a daunting task, 28-year-old Maoyu cites “passion” as the key factor in choosing his vocation.

“The most important quality is to have passion for the job. You need to believe in what you do and derive meaning from your profession. As long as you have the passion, you'll naturally want to do your best and excelling at your job follows naturally,” he enthuses.

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The Men Behind the Win

The Singapore Sports Council grooms future movers and shakers in the national sporting arena.

By Ashley Choo

The enthusiastic camera flashes, the appreciative crowd roars and on the podium, the winning sportsman pumps his fist in the air. The glory, the pride was his and his alone. But is it?

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget a win in the sporting arena is more than just a one-man show. Although determination and passion still count for sporting individuals, increasingly, winning has become a combination of factors and people equipped with much sophisticated knowledge and capabilities.

Joel Pang and Eesha Shah understand just that. Having been exposed to competitive sports in their early teens - Joel in Sailing and Eesha in Tennis - both realise the important roles such influences like sports psychology and sports industry development play on a team’s performance. So when the opportunity arose, it was easy for them to decide on the scholarship offered by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC).

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A Blooming Career in the Garden City

A scholar from NParks shares his journey from studying in Australia to working as a Parks Manager today.

Contributed by Ryan Lee, NParks Scholar

Upon finding out that I was majoring in leisure studies at university, my friends all produced the same startled reaction. “Leisure studies? Why do you need to learn about having fun?”

I soon got used to such expressions of surprise and disbelief. After all, to the uninitiated, leisure studies may come across as an unusual field of study. In reality, the management of recreation is a diverse field that requires an extensive depth of specialised knowledge. The NParks scholarship offered me the unique chance to explore this intriguing academic domain, where leisure and recreation is researched, analysed and debated in a structured and systematic manner.

During my childhood, I was fortunate to spend six years living in one of the last surviving kampongs in Singapore. My family home was surrounded by greenery and my father planted fruit trees providing a steady supply of tropical fruits. Naturally, I developed a love for nature and the outdoors, as well as a keen interest in exploring the rich flora and fauna in Singapore. I was thus eager to apply for a scholarship with NParks, with the aim of pursuing a career in this area.

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A Passion for Communications

Championing the government’s mission to enhance public communications and engage Singaporeans are two ladies who thrive on the pulse of information.

By Tang Pin-Ji

From the tender age of 12, Lim Weilin has aspired to work in the dynamic world of media. Although her aspirations shifted from journalism to media relations, her determination and thirst for uncovering the truth never wavered.

Curious to find out firsthand how the government handles the media, Weilin wrote to the Deputy Director of Media Relations from the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts (MICA) to secure a student internship with the organisation.

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